November 2009 Issue

Setti Warren looks to reform education

By Adam Goldstein and Ramya Ramadurai | Published: November 2009
Mayor-elect Setti Warren won a tight election on November 3 with help and support from students, and looks forward to instituting educational reforms in the upcoming year.

Miscommunication hinders Spirit Week

By David Han | Published: November 2009
Lack of planning time and miscommunications between the senior Class Officers and administration resulted in a final two-day Spirit Week, a modification to the senior Class Officers' original plan for a five-day Spirit Week, which would have led up to today's pep rally and Powderpuff game.

Teachers “gift” city with $37 million

By Alex Gershanov | Published: November 2009
A bag of money, a bid for equity, and a bit of theatrics–the Newton Teachers Association (NTA) “gifted the City of Newton on November 23 with symbolic bags of money, worth tens of millions of dollars, representing the uncompensated overtime work of local teachers.

Naviance reforms application process

By Roxanne Glazier | Published: November 2009
Teachers at South now have the option of sending students' college recommendations through Naviance, a website that facilitates the college-application process.

School reinforces bus pass policy

By Chris Erspamer | Published: November 2009
School officials have announced late last month that they will now begin enforcing regulations regarding student bus passes.

School Committee replaces 3 members

By Jesse Zhang | Published: November 2009
Three new candidates and all three incumbents won the School Committee elections on November 3. Six of the eight seats, which are open once every two years, were contested during this year's School Committee election.

Squad steps back into action

By Dan Agarkov | Published: November 2009
Step Squad, led by adviser and coach Melissa Block and junior and captain Chaela Jones, will make a return to South this year, following last year's cancellation of the club.

Despite increasing swine flu concerns, South stays strong

By Morgan Seiler | Published: November 2009
Contrary to a recent Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO) email disclosing the increased rate of absences in the Newton Public Schools for influenza-like illness, South displays little rise in flu-related absences, according to head nurse Gail Kramer.

Minga Day raises teen awareness

By Jesse Zhang | Published: November 2009
South's chapter of Minga, a group dedicated to fighting the global child sex trade, hosted Minga Day on November 12.

Badminton club has smashing start

By Josh Podrid | Published: November 2009
The South Badminton Club held its first meeting on November 2. Club members meet Monday J-Blocks in the Field House. Senior and club leader Stephanie Fong described the turnout as “a countless number of people.

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