October 2009 Issue

Opportunity to take a stand at National Equality March

By Jacob Liverman | Published: October 2009
“Gay, straight, black, white; same struggle, same fight! shouted 200,000 protesters on October 11 while parading down Pennsylvania Avenue in the heart of Washington D.C.

Perspective on Israel: Maintaining loyalty in a futile conflict

By Becca Goldstein | Published: October 2009
Here at South, there are two very distinct groups of students concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. On one side, there is a large Jewish population, most of whom support Israel. Nearly everyone in this group spends at least one summer in Israel and has a strong sense of Israeli pride.

Municipal elections deserve attention

By Volume 49 Senior Editors | Published: October 2009
Comparatively few students pay attention to local politics and the workings of the municipal government, but they are topics important to all Newton residents. October and November in particular are of especial significance. On November 3, residents will be asked to vote for a new mayor, 24 Aldermen, and eight School Committee members.
Great people throughout history have been extremely skilled at one thing and pretty terrible at others. Bill Clinton, for instance, was a great negotiator, but I wouldn't consider him all that great at sticking to his marital vows. Albert Einstein was a whiz with electricity, but he failed all of his classes in high school.
Life is busy. Time is limited, and it's up to us to decide where to fit it in. Especially in high school, kids are bombarded by an array of activities to participate in: clubs, sports, theatre productions, musical groups, and more.
Since the layoffs in late August, the Hyatt Hotels Corporation has responded to a wave of public disapproval, which included a proposed boycott on the part of Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick.

Editing blues

By Gabe Glissen-Brown | Published: October 2009
Today is a woeful day for all you Gab fans out there, for I must regretfully inform you that my last article might as well not have been written. Because it was edited.

Costume department seamlessly threads together

By Leigh Alon | Published: October 2009
Behind an inconspicuous door and past a labyrinth of winding stairs lies the mysterious underpinnings of the Newton South costume department. A few students can always be found milling about, sewing, stenciling, and fitting, surrounded by the many racks, space machines, and fabrics that clutter the room. At the center of it all, guiding the costumers as they work, is Martha Heller.

Art classes offer more than just art

By Michael Fuchs | Published: October 2009
The ban on students' lunching and snacking in the traditional but unhygienic stomping ground of South's lobby has led them to journey to the 9000s'€the art rooms'€for the comfort and seclusion not offered in the cafeteria.

So you think you can improv with the next top show?

By Justin Quinn | Published: October 2009
Students and parents alike gathered in the Lab Theater to see the South Stage improv show So You Think You Can Dance with the Next Top American Chef.

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