View from the Top: Maya Lee-Parritz and Emma Stern

By Maya Lee-Parritz and Emma Stern
Published: October 2009

Hey, it’s Ems and Maya, and we’re on the tip, and we’re giving you a view from the top of it.

First off, we want to give a big shout out to ALL OUR LAYDEEEZ, abs, ans, leez, and bex, who we love and adore and who are helping us through this arduous process of giving you a top view.

Secondly, WE LOVE YOU BABY G. You are super cute, and we would definitely date you. You totally rule the hallways and our hearts. And, I like your earring, seriously ask me out.

If anyone has any spare coupons to the King’s Bowling including a clam shack, please, can you send them to us because we want to get them.

One time Emma went to the Everglades, and Emma got to hold a baby crocodile. Then it peed on her, and her Dad took a picture of it. Now it is the family’s favorite picture.

We will never forget all the good times we’ve had with our grade, from the heart-to-hearts to the fun times square dancing. Oh, and about Maya, it was just a nose-bleed, not even hers!

First off, Emma once burned down a wall/kangaroo (no homo).

Now, to all freshmen and sophomores, please if you are sitting at the computers in the library and either maya or emma or anyone who happens to fall within the astoundingly infinite circle of their friends (SEENYAZ ONE OH) are sitting at the computer between you and your friend, PLEASE do NOT poke your head over our computer and chitty chat. We find it especially irritating, and it will NOT be tolerated.
First off, some advice to everyone alive, not just you: now is the time to party like no other – with VIGOR. Now, first off, please don’t wear anything that is sweat pants to these parties because we take them extremely seriously. If you are going to come then you have to be dressed to your best, and don’t bring your go fish cards like you usually do.

Games we will play: two truths and a lie, ten fingers, pin the tail on the housemaster (SENYAZ verrzzssion), and 70 minutes in heaven. You must, we repeat MUST, party now with high frequency and amplitude because there will be no time to do this in university.

Secondly, the tree house song isn’t about Emma. However, it’s still a good song to DP to.

Now, First Off, this is time to buckle down. Take heed! To all freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and, most importantly, SENIAAZ, take it slow. Reeeeal slow. For instance, smell the flowers, take a look around, and NEVER kiss on the first date (JK LOLZ SENIORZ WE KNOW YOUZ IZ BAD!).

Now, firstly, you have to dance like nobody is watching, sing like nobody is listening, flirt like he doesn’t have a boyfriend (lolz sophomores), cook with safety, and live like there is no tomorrow (no homo).

If y’all ever need advice, you’ll find us in the WHEELER COMMONZ AKA SENIOR COMMONS. We love you all and totally so many memories with you guys that we’ll remember forever.

Sometimes we used to hold hands and people thought we were dating and then later we found out that we were.

Also, one time Emma found a lot of black snails next to a tiny bear on a single path.

And once, Maya wiggled.

Oh, look at the time, gotta get ready for big night out with my girliez!

txt or cells gud 4 planz

(Even if you are reading into this as a joke, we actually had a really important fiesta <3 <3 to go to that we had to go to right then so it’s not a joke¦)

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