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Stembridge reacts to stress and spirit

Posted By Alex Gershanov On October 21, 2009 @ 5:42 am In News | Comments Disabled

After familiarizing himself with the school, Principal Joel Stembridge intends to discuss two important issues: stress and spirit.

Stembridge explained that he wants to find out what the words “stress and “spirit mean to students before acting.

According to senior and Senate President Ben Chelmow, the South Senate plans to devote a day in November to meeting with Stembridge and discussing possible ways to promote school spirit.
Several students believe that South has less school spirit than other schools.

“South tends to focus almost entirely on the actual work rather than social aspects, which include school spirit, junior Brittany Bishop said.

In an attempt to raise spirit, the senior Class Officers recently held the Senior Tie-Dye event, in which seniors dyed shirts bearing the logo “Sen10rs with blue and orange dye.

Senior Class Officer Liza Barnes said that a major goal for the year is to unify the seniors and provide “grade spirit. Barnes does not believe that the school lacks spirit but that it has a different kind of spirit.

“Athletes are really passionate about sports. Theater kids are really passionate about theater. Everyone’s really busy, and sometimes we lack unity between these different activities, she said.
The Class Officers hope to have a small homecoming-style, post-football dance for seniors on November 7.

They are also planning a pep rally that, according to Barnes, will be held on the Wednesday before the Thanksgiving holiday.

The pep rally will focus on mini-games between clubs and sports teams.

According to senior Class President Chenzhe Cao, the games will focus more on student participation than competition.

“We definitely have less school spirit than the high schools you see in movies or TV shows, but as long as our school is content with the level of spirit, then there’s nothing really to compare it to, he said.
Students are also known for their dedication to maintaining good grades and participating in several extracurricular activities.

Some students and parents feel that stress, an inevitable byproduct in this type of learning environment, may be hazardous to students.

Bishop recalls days when she could not stay awake long enough to finish all of her homework.
“Being a teenager, a time when people are growing and filled with stress-inducing hormones, the stress of school could cause students to physically or emotionally crash, she said.

Stembridge believes that stress, although not necessarily a bad thing, needs to be balanced.
“Too much stress is bad, obviously, but I also think that too little stress is bad, he said.

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