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Spirit outfits transcend sports teams

Posted By Bianca Ho On October 21, 2009 @ 3:39 am In Arts and Entertainment | Comments Disabled

The following has been observed at some point by most South students: a person walking down the hall, dressed in something along the lines of a pink tutu, a crocodile mask, and thigh-high polka dotted socks. This sight is merely passed off however as, “Oh, it’s (insert show or sport here) spirit today.

The concept behind spirit isn’t apparent at first. Why on earth would dressing up eccentrically on the day of a game help the team’s performance?

Wouldn’t the crazy outfits only embarrass some students and actually decrease their performance level? Some shows and teams keep it pretty low-key for spirit, but usually South seems to be a world of weird and quirky spirits.

However, spirit is a great way to make a group feel united during the school day. When everyone on a show or team goes all-out to dress in outrageous ’80s clothing or hippie attire, members feel like, somehow, they’re presenting themselves as a cohesive front even offstage or the field.

Junior Jocelin Weiss is especially enthusiastic about the idea. For theatre kids, spirit is even a way of promoting a show. “It really helps ticket sales, because in class, people are like: ‘Ëœwhy are you wearing a fancy dress/pajamas/etc. at school? she said.

This sort of inquiry spreads knowledge of shows, sometimes faster than any poster in a hallway. Weiss also loves to use spirit as a way to express herself. “I can’t speak for everyone, but a lot of the kids I’ve been in shows with like to target that love for self-expression and creativity into dressing themselves up in crazy things you’d never usually wear to school, she said.

Junior Melanie Rucinski appreciates how spirit brings close friendships even closer. “Not only do I have a show outside of school hours, but the fun and the social bonding from the activity get carried into my other classes, she said. Rucinski adds that during The Miracle Worker, actors did spirit as wacky as “baby and helmet costumes, and during the one-acts two years ago, participants did “dress up like your show spirit.

“[Alumnus] Alex Caron came in wearing a cardboard box with armholes and a hole for his neck because he was in ‘ËœEdges,’ she said.

The one acts that year’s spirit was formal dress the Wednesday before the show, and then pajamas that Friday. On the following Tuesday and Wednesday, the week that the one acts were taking place, those involved in the show do spirit related to their own specific show’€with Wednesday often being “promote the show spirit.

Not everyone expresses the same viewpoint about spirit, however. Junior Zoe Newberg believes that although the idea behind spirit is good, “it doesn’t work if nobody does it, which is usually the case, she said.

Sophomore Judy Cohen agrees. She says that “it’s a bummer when not a lot of the team does it though because it defeats the purpose.

Junior Zhuoshi Xie, who does both speech team and volleyball, prefers doing spirit for volleyball. “Very few speech people do spirit, she said, “and it just feels very awkward.

It is true that many people just don’t end up doing spirit when duty calls for it.

This completely defeats the purpose, putting more pressure on the people on the team or cast who have done the spirit to advertise the game that day, and also does not achieve the same sense of unity and teamwork.
However, we can agree that when all members do spirit, it produces exceptional results.

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