South holds flu vaccine clinic

By Alex Gershanov
Published: October 2009

A private company administered vaccines in the form of shots or nasal mist to over 150 preregistered students in South’s flu vaccine clinic on October 15.

The PTSO alerted parents via e-mail about the clinic, stating that nasal mist vaccines cost 25 dollars and injections cost 35 dollars.

Unlike the middle school trials that took place last year, in which students could receive their vaccine at any time during the day, South students received their shots only during specified blocks.

Despite efforts to organize the event, head nurse Gail Kramer described the overall process as “hectic.

“[The clinic] was run fairly well considering the number of people, junior Dan Agarkov said. Agarkov had missed his entire A-Block class in order to visit the clinic.

The private vaccination company brought their own vaccines and staff, which consisted of two nurses and one clerical worker.

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