Senate embarks on new initiatives

By Josh Podrid
Published: October 2009

The South Senate plans to tackle the many current, pressing issues that are afflicting the student body. Principal Stembridge also plans on working closely with the Senate this year.

Current Senate committees are researching the issues of: access to the weight room, electronics usage in the school (i.e. cell phones in the library), the number of assignments a student can have due a particular day, an alternative place to eat besides the cafeteria, and the new community service requirement.

The student body passed Question 1, which asked “Do you support the creation of a community service graduation requirement beginning with the Class of 2013?, 466 votes to 431 votes in June.
Although the Senate did not have time to address the results of this ballot at the end of last school year, it is currently considering creating a community service graduation requirement.

Another important issue Senate faces this year is how to implement a no-cheating-or-plagiarizing policy.

A past Denebola survey showed that 39 percent of students believed cheating was an issue at the school.

Junior and Senator David Altman feels that the Senate Student Recycling Initiative has been successful. Last year, Phase 1, asking students to recycle paper, was passed. Phases 2 and 3 hope to implement school-wide recycling policies for bottles and cans.

“Phases 2 and 3 were all worked out last year, and we are looking forward to implementing them this year, he said.

The city of Newton has recently employed a new residential trash/recycling program.

“We’ve made a lot of progress with recycling at South, and we’re hoping to continue and improve upon what we’ve already done, senior and Senate Co-Secretary Allen Li said.

Senate’s main goal for the upcoming year is to raise awareness about the student government, what they do, and its involvement in and importance in the student body.

Freshman elections will take place this November, and the Senate will appoint three sophomores to fill the three vacant seats representing the Class of 2012.

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