One for the left side

By Ashan Singh
Published: October 2009

Last week, the Girls’ Field Hockey team received their first win since 2006, coming out on top in a 2-1 victory against Tyngsboro.

In a game plagued by constant rain and muddy fields, almost everyone on the team had initially expected the game to be cancelled.

“Nobody thought there would be a game. Everybody hates playing in the rain, junior Lena Warnke said.

While the weather was dismal, so were the fields.

“It really wasn’t good field hockey weather, Warnke said.

Regardless, after an aggressive first half, the score remained at a scoreless deadlock. A few minutes into the second half, freshman Jordi Batler scored the first goal of the game.

Batler gave South the lead at 1-0. Not too long after, Tyngsboro responded with a goal of their own, evening the game out to a 1-1 score.

With only a few minutes remaining in the game, senior Sam Levy scored the deciding goal, putting the girls ahead for the remainder of the game at a 2-1 score.

“I was really excited, Levy said. “I knew there was time left in the game and that I had to stay focused, but I was really excited.
Her game-winning goal was her first goal since freshman year.

“The game was exhilarating, knowing that we actually had a shot. It was unbelievable, junior Sarah Miller said.

While the girls saw their first win of the season in their sights, each one of them knew the hardest part was still ahead: protecting their lead.
“The last two minutes was easily our biggest battle of the game. We knew we could win if we just held onto our lead. So we played some of the hardest defense we’ve ever played, and we protected the ball better then ever, Warnke said.

Immediately following the final whistle of the game, the South benches cleared.

“We were jumping and screaming, some seniors even had tears in their eyes, Miller said.

For the seniors, who haven’t witnessed a field hockey victory since their freshman year, the game was an emotional win.

“Every year we improve so much and this just felt so good for it to finally pay off, senior and captain Estie Martin said.

For the team as a whole, the win certainly helps a lot.

“Finally we can tell everyone that we won. People will respect us for a change, Miller said.

While the girls are looking to gain a great deal of respect from the win, they also look to gain several wins in the future.

“This win was just to prove to ourselves that we could [win]. Now we know that we have the potential, and we are going to try to do it again, Warnke said.

With that being said, the team’s win was definitely much needed. The players hope the victory will give the team the confidence to have a successful second half of the season.

“We know this is not the end of our winning for the season. We know we have a couple more games left that we have a great chance to win on, Martin said.

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