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Newton resident creates news source

By Deanna Badizadegan
Published: October 2009

Kelly Golnoush Niknejad disliked the “simplistic and dumbed-down reporting on Iran. She was tired of the patchy reporting and general lack of information. But unlike many others who would have just complained about the situation, she decided to do something about it.

Around nine months ago, Niknejad started the blog “Tehran Bureau with the purpose of reporting on the situation in her native country. She set out to create a reliable news source for those who wanted current and trustworthy news on Iran.

From her mother’s home in Newton, Niknejad uses only her laptop and her network of contributors to manage the stream of information she receives.

The site’s popularity soared after the election in Iran. No longer just a blog, the site became a major source for breaking news regarding Iran. When the site was hacked into and frozen, Niknejad turned to Twitter to relay her information to her loyal followers.

Now, with the combination of a website, blog, and Twitter, Niknejad provides her followers with a constant stream of information. Each section of her website consists of several posts followed by a “Responses Section, where her readers can share their thoughts on the latest updates. These sections not only provide an area for discussion, but also let those who care about the situation connect with each other.

On the Twitter page, Niknejad leaves links to videos, websites, and statistics for her followers to check out.

Niknejad is only one among the millions of Twitter users and bloggers in today’s world. Unlike many others, though, who “Tweet to inform their followers of what they ate for dinner, Niknejad takes advantage of various sites on the Internet to address serious and important issues in Iran.

As more people take advantage of their resources like Niknejad has done, the internet will become even more essential to our society, opening the world to a whole new means of reporting.

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