Library revamps entrance floors

By Alex Gershanov
Published: October 2009

Students returning from the Yom Kippur long weekend may have noticed a much-brighter library entrance. This was not the effect of new lights, however, but of the new tile floor installed in the library’s entrance.

Original efforts to replace the aging carpet were held up during the summer, so administration decided to tackle the issue over the three-day weekend.

“The entryway was held together by duct tape, head librarian Dorothy McQuillan said. “It was becoming hazardous.

McQuillan explained that the new, bright floor also adds an elegant aspect to the library, something it lacked with the previous torn-up, ragged carpet.

McQuillan also said that according to custodians, the school hopes to replace all carpets in the building with tile floors, starting with the rest of the library.

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