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Flag Football Club offers alternative to students looking for intramural and recreational sports involvement

Posted By Dylan Royce On October 21, 2009 @ 12:36 am In Sports | Comments Disabled

As the Lion’s Varsity Football team defends their new home turf, a different football team is getting ready to take the field.

The Flag Football Club, a new addition to the extensive list of the school’s clubs, will begin play on October 19.

Between its school wide advertising campaign and the club fair, flag football has gathered over 50 members.

Senior and club founder Josh Podrid ensures that flag football will compete with the Varsity Football team for players or fields.

“[The club was created] for anyone who enjoys football, but only wants to play in an intramural, less competitive fashion, he said. “We don’t intend for people who have any plans to play ‘Ëœreal’ football to switch to flag football. We created flag football for people, like me, who cannot play or cannot commit to playing ‘Ëœreal’ football.

The flag football team will play throughout the entire year. Podrid hopes to use the new turf by November 26, which is the conclusion of Varsity Football team’s season.

“Until then, we will scout out any open grass to use, put down turf line markers and play there, he said. “If this doesn’t work, we may move to the football field on Needham Street.

South’s Flag Football Club will modify today’s traditional rules to better suit the club. Teams usually have anywhere from four to nine players. The club, however, will have teams that vary in size.

Though flag football is often played with no punting, kicking, or conversions after a touchdown, the club will play with all three.

Although flag football normally involves some contact, the club will not be doing so. Consequently, there will not be offensive linemen, but defenses can blitz the quarterback.

Podrid’s club will use fields they can gain access to until football season ends, at which point they will use the school’s new 100-yard turf field.

The Flag Football Club is an intramural team, meaning that it will not be playing other schools on a regular basis, but instead will break up into opposing teams. Therefore, it is less serious than the tackle football team, and there will be no practices.

Podrid does have plans to form a “travel team to compete with the teams from other high schools, namely Brookline High School, in the area.

There are also several leagues not affiliated with high schools around South. The Lions may also join the Boston Metro Flag Football League.

Podrid anticipates tryouts would be necessary to field a team that can both compete at this high level and meet the maximum of 12 players.

Games will take place on Monday after school, and will probably end after 10 minutes elapse or after a team scores three touchdowns.

Flag football and tackle football have one fundamental difference. Rather than tackling the ball carrier to end a play, the defense must remove a flag attached to a belt on the ball carrier’s waist to conclude a down.

Flag football became popular via its use on military bases during the 1940s.

Soldiers used flags as an alternative to tackle football in order to prevent injuries.

The first recorded game took place on Fort Meade in Maryland. Soldiers established recreational leagues once they returned home.

The first nation-wide organization, the National Touch Football League, did not play the game is today the same way it is today.

Until the 1980s, flag football was a full-contact sport.

In 1999, the first professional flag football season was held, with teams from Buffalo, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Indianapolis, and Toledo.

Currently, over 20 million people play flag football nationwide.

Several other cities and towns in Massachusetts have flag football leagues, as well.

Areas such as Springfield, Nantucket, Boston, and Westfield contain flag football players.

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