September 2009 Issue

Football team faces tough challenges in DCL

By Zack Miller and Sammie Levin | Published: September 2009
South's Varsity Football Team has faced numerous difficulties in the past years, but both the players and coaches seem optimistic that this season will turn out unusually well.

South students react to crackdown on A-Block tardiness

By Sammie Levin | Published: September 2009
New school year, new principal, new rules. One rule in particular has spurred many responses from both students and teachers. The rule focuses on students who come late to their first block classes.

Athletes discover the value giving back to the community

By Dylan Royce | Published: September 2009
Many athletes, between schoolwork and practice, don't have much time for other activities. If an athlete wants to get involved in other extracurriculars, it is generally very difficult.

Strap on a helmet and save the environment

By Julia Lytle | Published: September 2009
As concerns of global warming are appearing more and more in the media, and as issues in the middle east have caused prices to fluctuate, many worried citizens have started to use a more environmentally-friendly means of transportation: their bicycles.

Denebola Freshmen Fall Sports Showcase

By Jason Yoffe | Published: September 2009
Each season, new generations of athletes enter the school as freshmen. Most of them just want to make the team. There is, however, a select few whose exceptional talents allow them to compete at the demanding level of high school sports. These freshmen have an impact on their respective programs, and many mature into the athletic elite of the Dual County League (DCL).

Infographic: Numbers – Reaction to the new policies

By Chenzhe Cao | Published: September 2009

Pro: …cleans up irresponsible

By Melanie Rucinski | Published: September 2009
I don't like to eat in the cafeteria. It's too crowded, too loud, too full of french fries on the floor. For this reason, since the beginning of my sophomore year, I have never even considered having my lunch there.

Impracticality of the attendance policy

By Alice Lee | Published: September 2009
There have doubtless been many articles on this same topic before mine, and there will doubtless be more after. But it's an issue of fundamental importance to student, teacher, and administration alike: attendance policy'€or, more specifically, tardiness.

Con: …imposes on student freedom

By Naveen Sridhar | Published: September 2009
The stricter cafeteria policy imposes on student freedom You don't need to be greeted on the first day of school by massive signs with imperious things to say. Unfortunately, that's exactly how I started out my first day of school. With a big old sign telling me that I can't eat in the hallways.

Hyatt layoffs call for boycott

By Volume 49 Senior Editors | Published: September 2009
The Hyatt Hotels Corporation fired 98 housekeepers on August 31 from three of its Boston hotels, the Hyatt Regency Boston, and the Hyatt Harborside Hotel, and the Hyatt Regency Cambridge'€the traditional venue of South juniors' annual semi-formal.

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