View from the Top: Adam Dyer, Danny Edwards, and Drew Pinta

By Denebola
Published: September 2009

Hey Newton South! We’re Just Three Guys Hanging Out and this is what we think. Throughout our years at Newton South, we have learned many things.

One, you really should consider not stepping foot in the commons if you are not a senior. Note that this is not transitive, and you cannot bring in your sophomore girlfriend. She can wait outside.

If walking by the commons and singled out for a joke by several seniors, you can do one of two things: you can keep your eyes on the ground and pretend you didn’t hear, or you can make jokes targeting yourself in an attempt to avoid getting on their list.

Before we address each grade individually, you should know that we are simply satisfied with each other and don’t really fancy getting to know any of you. We are looking forward to our senior year and are confident that we are better than all of you.

To the class of 2013: first piece of advice to consider: please DO NOT name your group of friends. There is nothing “naughty about having your mom call you out of school so you can go to Starbucks in Newton Centre during “free blocks. Unless you are a small clique of friends that hangs out exclusively on Fridays, you really shouldn’t bother.

On a side note, parading around with the Styrofoam remnants of these trips does not impress anyone; you might as well just strap on a pair of Uggs, they’re better for the environment.

If you see one of us SEN10RS! in the halls, don’t even think about making eye contact. Just enjoy your large backpack, lack of free blocks, and lecture halls.

We have high expectations for senior year because we’re going into it with the class of 2010. We couldn’t imagine Senior Assassin, Scavenger Hunt, and Prom with any other grade.

Unfortunately, people will end up making fun of you. Let us make this easier for you to understand. If high school was an episode of Power Rangers, you would be the big monster that everyone beats on. Just get used to it.

To the Freshmen (yes, we know you’re sophomores, but you will always be freshmen to us–no matter how bad the taste is in your mouth): congratulations on getting A’s in all your freshman classes, now they mean nothing. It’s great to know all those late nights stressing over the big test really paid off.

To the guys who shop at Abercrombie among you: popularity is not based on how long you spend gelling your hair in front of the mirror every morning. And to those who congregate at the Dyer household: you will never be as cool as your older brothers.

To the Juniors: Great job making it this far¦oh, wait, this is going to be the hardest year of your high school career, and the funny part is that on top of all the work you’ll be doing, you get to take a surfeit (n.) of standardized tests.

To be honest with you, we sat here thinking about what to write about you for quite some time and then we realized the answer: you guys are boring. Don’t pull a muscle going to the bridge this weekend.

To the Seniors: Our high school experience has been a good one thanks to our grade. We’ve pretty much been hanging out like seniors since freshman year, so it’s about time.

Twenty-ten has always found a way to have a good time. We drove our first golf carts, we competed in tournaments, and we had a little bit too much fun at Sweet Sixteens.

We have high expectations for senior year because we’re going into it with the class of 2010. We couldn’t imagine Senior Assassin, Scavenger Hunt, and Prom with any other grade.

In conclusion, we’ll leave you with some words we try to live our lives by: Double Peace, Karma and Kindness.

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