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The countdown begins

By Volume 49 Senior Editors
Published: September 2009

Half a century ago during an era of great social turmoil and change, a new school opened and naturally gave birth a newspaper.

Now, nearing its 50th year of existence, Newton South’s Award-Winning Official School newspaper Denebola nears its 50th Volume.

Named after the second brightest star in the constellation Leo, Denebola has come a long way from its humble beginnings.

Over its 50 years in existence, Denebola has had many capable students who have gone on to journalistic roles in well-known contemporary publications such as Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, and The New York Times. Most of the contributors, staff, and editors have made their mark in a wide range of professions.

While some now write for the Letterman Show, others practice medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital and Beth Israel Hospital, and still others teach in various classrooms from prestigious schools like Stanford to modest institutions like those in South Side Chicago.

Denebola would like to make clear that its business has been entirely funded by advertisements since 1989.

While contemporary Denebola recently published a 72-page graduation issue physically as large as The New York Times using Mac Platforms Creative Suite 2 and 3, the first issues of the paper were literally pasted up on “boards and heavy paper.

Preparing for the 50th anniversary of the school and the publication, Denebola hopes to organize a conversation among the paper’s early journalists regarding the larger issues of today including health care, education, and the role of media and journalism in democracy.

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