South introduces new data system to replace MacSchool

By Adam Goldstein
Published: September 2009

Both South and North replaced their old data system, MacSchool, with the new Student Managing System (SMS) web-based data system shortly before school started this year.
Chancery, the company that owns MacSchool and SMS, would not support to the MacSchool program anymore, and the high schools adopted SMS in light of its success in Newton elementary and middle schools in previous years.

Over the summer, SMS would not make student and teacher schedules.The department heads and Assistant Principal Mary Scott made schedules virtually by hand.

Records Office Secretary Judy Mobilia feels that although SMS has some nice features, faculty will have to invest a lot of time into re-learning the system.

“Everything has to be done [at the Education Center], Mobilia said. “[SMS is] set up a lot differently than MacSchool. If we have anything we don’t like in it, we have to ask them to fix it.

Mobilia remains optimistic that SMS will prove more useful than MacSchool once the faculty becomes accustomed to using it.

“Maybe by the end of the year we’ll all be a little more used to it, Mobilia said.

Despite the summer’s scheduling turmoil, many teachers in Newton are thrilled with SMS’s new features.

Because SMS is web-based, faculty members can access it from anywhere.

The system is expected to save hard drive space on teachers’ and counselors’ computers and keep them running quickly.

“With the older system, I had to go through a multi-step process to get to information that I can now get to in one click, Guidance Counselor James Medeiros said.

According to math teacher Martha Moyer, she can easily track students’ attendance records to see whether or not their absences were excused or unexcused.

“I can get the whole class roster and all of the information of each student I have all on one screen, Moyer said.

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