Seniors to hold tie-dye event to kick off year

By Judy Cohens
Published: September 2009

The senior class will participate in the “Senior Tie-Dye Fest on October 1.

The seniors will tye-dye white shirts ordered from bearing the word “Sen10rs with blue and orange dye.

“We wanted senior t-shirts, and I suggested that we do them tie-dye colored, senior class officer Ben Chesler said. “Someone said it would be cool and cheaper to get white shirts and let kids tie-dye them.

“We thought it would be something fun and unique to kick off the year, senior class officer Liza Barnes said.

According to Barnes, the senior class officers will also be offering more senior apparel as the year goes on.

Tie-dying will take place by the greenhouse by the Cutler House back exit.

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