Fitness Room closed during day due to budget constraints

By Alex Gershanov
Published: September 2009

Upon returning to South, many students discovered that the fitness room is no longer available for student use during normal school hours. According to Wellness teacher Alan Rotatori, the room closed due to recent budget cuts.

Last year, the fitness room remained open during the day because Wellness teachers could provide supervision during their free blocks. Students were never allowed in the room unsupervised and now, due to recent Wellness Department cuts, teachers do not have the staffing and time to supervise the room.

“It’s a liability, Rotatori said. “If someone got hurt, that’s an automatic law suit that I don’t think the school could afford.

After last year’s budget cuts, the Wellness Department has fewer teachers per block. In addition to the fitness room being closed during the day, Rotatori explained that several intramurals have been cut too.

“Everything is more difficult now with lower staff and credits, Rotatori said.

Apart from the liability concern, the room was closed because students would periodically trash it in previous years. The facility had to be shut down several times last year because several users improperly handled equipment or did not put back weights.

Some equipment also had been stolen from the room including six stability boxes and two plyo-boxes.

“People have abused this privilege long enough, Rotatori said, “[They] thought that it’d always be there, and now its not.

Many students who are used to working out during their free blocks are upset by this change.Senior football player Arthur Mescon said, “It could hurt our teams; players will have to put in time after practice.

Many student athletes lack the time and transportation needed to work out after school and are worried that this may have an effect on their performance.

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