Admission prices to games raised from $3 to $5

By David Han
Published: September 2009

A league-wide decision by the Dual County League raised admission prices to games from $3 to $5 for students and from $5 to $7 for adults.

According to Boys’ Varsity Football captain Isaac Freedman, the money directly supports the school’s athletics program.

Despite the increase in admission price, junior and senator Jackie Horowitz noticed an increase in the crowd’s dynamic during Saturday’s football game, South’s first home game on its newly built synthetic turf field.

“People had a lot more spirit and enthusiasm this time, she said. “The stands were pretty full, and there were a ton of people standing around the fence.

Horowitz was nonetheless surprised when she noticed the $2 increase in the admissions fee.

“It might discourage people who were hesitant about attending in the first place, she said.

Freedman is also concerned whether the new fee will affect student attendance in future games.

“$2 isn’t that much money of an increase, but $5 compared to $3 is a lot, he said. “I really hope it doesn’t affect [crowd turnout], but it’s quite possible that it might.

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