September 2009 Issue

True Compass

By Joel Bleiwas | Published: September 2009
Senator Edward M Kennedy Twelve Books (New York: 2009) It is, of course, much too early to effectively evaluate the career of Senator Edward M (“Ted) Kennedy.


By Gabe Glissen-Brown | Published: September 2009
What's that you say? Why has there been no Gabe's Gab of late? Fret not, my faithful fan base and beloved, neurotic editor! For the summer is over and I am here once more to pass my wisdom unto you. This issue, I'm going to speak on the mockery of those in casts.

South Football roars back on new home field

By David Han | Published: September 2009
The Lions Varsity Football team faced a disappointing defeat on Saturday, September 26 against Concord-Carlisle. Despite holding their opponents scoreless in the second half, the Lions were unable to recover the 21 point gap. The Lions, however, fought hard and proved themselves worthy of their new home field.

View from the Top: Adam Dyer, Danny Edwards, and Drew Pinta

By Denebola | Published: September 2009
Hey Newton South! We're Just Three Guys Hanging Out and this is what we think. Throughout our years at Newton South, we have learned many things.

More to Varsity Sports than a winning record

By Jonah Seifer | Published: September 2009
For many athletes, winning games can be difficult enough. It is even harder to persevere when the team does not have the support of the community around them.
After what Coach Todd Elwell called “a Cinderella season, the Girls' Volleyball Team is back to try and improve on last year's sectional finals appearance.

Athletes discover the value giving back to the community

By Michelle Mandeau | Published: September 2009
Many athletes, between schoolwork and practice, don't have much time for other activities. If an athlete wants to get involved in other extracurriculars, it is generally very difficult.

Newton South’s advantage over obesity

By Annie Orenstein | Published: September 2009
Doctor Phil. Oprah. Tyra Banks. All of these popular TV personalities have hosted a fair amount of episodes on the epidemic that is literally taking us by storm: the issue of obesity in America. According to a test conducted in Waltham this summer by the Massachusetts Medical Society's Committee on Nutrition and Physical Activity, one in five Massachusetts inhabitants are considered obese, and childhood obesity is even worse: nearly 30 percent of middle and high school students are overweight or obese. 

Sports Spotlight: Kyle Olson and Yuji Wakimoto

By Mark Garrity | Published: September 2009
Recently, South was named “Best Sports School in Massachusetts by Sports Illustrated magazine. The Cross Country program is chiefly responsible for this rating. Every year, the runners are ranked at the top of the Dual County League (DCL) and sometimes even at the top of national rankings.

Heavy backpacks weigh down Newton South students

By Julia Lytle | Published: September 2009
The first couple days of school of each school year, high school students' backpacks aren't very heavy. It's by the second or third week that teachers begin to ask students to bring in their textbooks to do work in class or to go over assigned work from the night before.

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