May 2009 Issue

Yankee Years

By Mark Garrity | Published: May 2009
Yankee Years by Joe Torre and Tom Verducci Joe Torre's life in baseball didn't begin with the Yankees and surely has not ended with them. But, that Bronx pinstripe world was dead center, and is dead center for many fans still.

View from the Top: Aly Suman and Clarissa van Vreden

By Aly Suman and Clarissa van Vreden | Published: May 2009
Our intentions aren't to make you guys aggravated or for you to draw on us with Sharpies while being passed out at a party: shoes on or off. One of the View from the Top articles I read last year made me wish to participate in Senior Assassin at the time, minus the rules. All we share are some facts and good thoughts.

FCD warns against addiction

By Julia Lytle | Published: May 2009
As a response to events this year involving drug and alcohol abuse, the administration at Newton South brought speakers from an organization called Freedom from Chemical Dependency Educational Services to the school to speak about personal experiences with addiction to drugs and alcohol. 

Looking for a sweet treat? Freeze dishes out satisfaction

By Julia Sklar | Published: May 2009
Freeze! Everybody clap your hands¦and welcome Freeze, Newton's newest addition to the extensive array of ice cream shops around town. Strategically located nowhere near the feuding J.P. Licks and Coldstone Creamery, Freeze is tucked away across the parking lot from the Waban T-stop, and behind the Waban Square Starbucks. You'll be able to find it instantly'€if not for the word “Freeze plastered across the awning than because of the ridiculously bright color scheme of the store (it's neon galore).

Teacher absences take a toll on South students

By Ilana Sivachenko | Published: May 2009
After last year's budget cuts, substitute teachers have become scarce at Newton South, causing some students to have free blocks or study hall periods in the lecture hall whenever a teacher is absent.

Faculty Focus: Robert Jampol

By Julia Lytle | Published: May 2009
Having taught at Newton South for almost 30 years, Robert Jampol has worked alongside four principals, four housemasters, five athletic directors, and four superintendents. “I have outlasted almost all of them, Jampol said. Jampol grew up in Jamaica, New York where he attended Jamaica High School, a huge school with a student population of 5,000. Jampol describes Newton South, with its smaller population of almost 2,000 students, as a “paradise in comparison.

South students enjoy French culture over April break

By Alice Lee | Published: May 2009
From April 19 to April 28, 15 South students became French. Of course, we weren't repatriated and naturalized as citizens of the Republic of France, but for a week and a half, we were immersed in French language and culture.

Dalai Lama pleases crowd in Boston

By Justin Quinn | Published: May 2009
The Dalai Lama has recently completed a short tour of Massachusetts which included stops at Harvard and MIT, and an event at Gillette Stadium, open to the public.
South science teacher Jim McLaren had always wanted to travel to the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, but had never gotten the chance due to his busy schedule as a teacher. McLaren taught biology at South for 38 years, but has since retired and now works part-time at Newton South. Earlier this year, he was able to visit both the Galapagos Islands and the part of the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador with his wife.

Student directed one-acts are ACTually amazing

By Bianca Ho and Sandy Shen | Published: May 2009
A troubled playwright caught up in his own fantasy world. A Jewish child disguised as a Nazi soldier during the Holocaust. A lost boy searching for the meaning of true love.

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