Day of Silence raises awareness

By Judy Cohens
Published: May 2009

Approximately 110 students took a vow of silence during the sixth annual Day of Silence on April 25.
35 of the 110 students participated as speaking allies, people who showed support by wearing stickers instead of remaining silent for the day.

The event, organized by South’s chapter of the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA), aimed to raise awareness about lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transsexuals (LGBT). Both speaking and nonspeaking participants wore rainbow ribbons.

The GSA raised awareness for the Day of Silence by hanging posters in the school and making announcements on the loudspeaker.

GSA advisor and founder Robert Parlin wished the event could have been more publicized but still felt pleased with the number of participants.

“The Day of Silence had the biggest effect on the people who took the vow, not necessarily the school [as a whole], Parlin said.

Students generally felt the Day of Silence was effective.

“Day of Silence brought forth a positive attitude from the school, freshman and speaking ally Noa Golan said. “I hope it continues to remain as long as needed.

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