Ultimate frisbee team catches on at South

By Eric Davis and Jason Yoffe
Published: May 2009

There are many sports teams at Newton South, but only a select number of these teams are talked about in school. Most sports talk at South is about varsity teams such as lacrosse, football, and track.

One team that is rarely talked about is the Ultimate Frisbee Team; many people disregard South’s team, The Angry Corn. Some say Frisbee is not a sport others are just ignorant about the rules.

Regardless of the reason, The Angry Corn does not get the respect it deserves. Like any other team at South, there are formal practices everyday. Like any other team, there is a coach guiding the players.

Ultimate Frisbee requires more than just the ability to hurl a Frisbee as far as you can and hope that someone will catch it. The game is fast, and the players have be able to keep up with the speed. One needs well honed hand-eye coordination in order to catch the 175-gram disk.

“You have to be in good shape because there is a lot of running, captain and senior Skyler Fulton said.

The sport contains many elements of football. There is an offense and a defense. The offense’s job is to advance the frisbee downfield. When a player catches a frisbee in the “end-zone, they win a point. On the flip side, the defense must either intercept a pass or have the Frisbee hit the ground in order to regain possession. After every point there is a kickoff where the scoring team throws the frisbee to the other squad.

“You have to be tough, Fulton said, “you have to put your body on the line. You have to fight to catch the Frisbee. You are always covered in dirt, and sometimes you have to lay out [for the Frisbee].

Although limited, Ultimate Frisbee is exciting to watch as it allows contact between two opposing players, but people direct their attention at sports like tennis, golf, and track, where contact is not permitted.

The sport is also mentally demanding. There are many variations of defensive plays that ultimate frisbees players must memorize and execute. Just like in basketball, there are zones, stacks, and traps. “It is all strategy, Fulton said. The Angry Corn is not technically a school sport because it is not MIAA approved.

The main difference between ultimate frisbee and other sports is that there are no referees to make calls, and the game is solely based on the honor system. The team belongs to Boston Ultimate Disc Alliance (BUDA), rather than the MIAA.

Ultimate Frisbee is a tough sport mentally and physically, but in order to play for The Angry Corn a player has to have a good attitude.

“It is not an angry sport, Fulton said, “it is just a lot of fun.

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