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To all the head bangers out there…

Posted By Michelle Mandeau On May 13, 2009 @ 11:54 am In Arts and Entertainment | Comments Disabled

Michelle’s Musical Musings

Mosh pits: what wonderful things. In case you don’t know what a mosh pit is, it’s basically when too many people cram into a small space in front of a stage and push each other for fun.

It’s the perfect place to break a rib or two, get trampled by a spiky-haired giant, or quite possibly get kicked in the back of the knees by an overexcited tween and her mother.

What I love about mosh pits, though, is when the nasty hair of a really sweaty person whacks you in the face. Or even better, when a crowd surfer’s bare foot slams you in the eye.

But the absolute best is when a mosher, who can’t take it any more, grabs onto your body for dear life and just pulls your once stable self to the ground. And of course, on the way down, you end up smacking the abnormally large and scary-looking people around you. No worries though, because they won’t try to hurt you¦ too badly.
Other warnings about mosh pits: if you have asthma, are claustrophobic, or just hate people, well, good luck.

There are, and always will be, ridiculously drunk guys who can’t sing, and short kids whose faces are forced to stare at the ceiling to avoid the butt in front of them. But no matter what, there will always be that tweenage girl with her mother (who I mentioned before) trying to get to the front so she can touch the hand of the lead singer (whose name she still doesn’t know).

I don’t mind when parents go to concerts. More power to them. But I can’t fathom why a 45-year-old mother who’s caravanning two 12-year-olds would want to go into a mosh pit. It’s dark, loud, and as I described earlier, scary.

Now if the parent likes moshing, that’s ill and mad props to them, but if not, well, news flash mom: no one wants to be bickered and yelled at while trying to enjoy a concert.

I personally go into a mosh pit to enjoy the music and have fun with the people around me. I try to get as close to the front as I can but solely to get away from the people I listed above and not because I’m a teenie fan girl.
At a recent concert I moved to a more open space so I could dance and go crazy. As I was getting into the song, this mom comes up from behind and wags her finger at me, saying, “Uh, no, no. My daughter wants to stand there.

Seriously lady, you’re at a concert. Get over yourself. But because I didn’t feel like arguing with a mom, I decided to move back to my old spot. Trust me, parents can be scarier than their kids.

Well, I hope that scared you enough that you never want to go into a mosh pit. Ever. If for some reason it didn’t, then you can probably handle the pit. That is cool and you are awesome. However, the main point of this ramble session is to get the message through: if you can’t handle the mosh, don’t go in.

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