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By Alex Gershanov
Published: May 2009

America is the land of equal opportunity, equal rights, and equal freedom. Immigrants come from all over the world to seek a better life and to form a solid foundation for their families.

This promise of equality is among the most essential and most revered principles of America and it is important to uphold it even within the school system.

Budget money allocated to our school should be spent evenly among all of its pupils.There are, perhaps, three loosely defined groups of academic performance, each with their own characteristics and each with their own financial need.

First, there are the over-achievers, the students for whom good grades are a way of life. These students’ extra-curricular hours in a single day often outweigh the amount of sleep they get in a week.

There is also the other end of the spectrum. These students either care too little about their work to make a real effort, or simply have trouble succeeding for one reason or the other.

And finally, there is the vast majority of students, falling into the middle category: average grades, average work ethic, average life.

Each of these student groups needs money to be spent in a different area, such as more advanced courses or after-school help or simply new textbooks.

Some may argue that it is logical to spend a larger portion of our budget on the over-achievers because “they have a brighter future.

This argument is perverse. It is impossible to definitively say who will be successful in life and who will not simply by looking at their high school careers.

For this reason, we must support every student and bolster each one’s creativity and interest in academics. In doing so, we ensure that everyone is given the same opportunity for a happy and financially stable life.

Just as some believe money should be directed toward the top tier of students, the other end of the spectrum suggests money should be spent on those students whose academic performance is below average.

This too, although seemingly responsible, is the wrong course of action.

By allocating more money to one group than is legitimate, we create an environment that potentially makes students dependent on financial aid. This will spur problems in the future, as financially supported students become too dependent on the money.

This could lead to dependence on the welfare system, which is arguably flawed as it is, and serve only to hurt the rest of America.

The budget should be split equally in three, where one portion goes to the over achievers, one to the average students, and one to the struggling students.

By dividing the budget equally, we uphold the most important principle of America.

That principle is what keeps this country strong. Every student, no matter how academically proficient deserves the right to improve his or her standard of living.

If we devote too much attention to financial aid for just one group of students, we deny that fundamental right, equal opportunity, to every other student.

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