No train, no game: Off-season dedication makes a difference

By Josh Podrid
Published: May 2009

One of the most important aspects of improving your athletic experience in high school is off-season training.
Every sport, from volleyball to football requires a great amount of dedication, a solid work ethic, and an overall love for the game.

Every student would agree that the athletes who train hard during their off-seasons undoubtedly show improvement when they return next season.

Football for example, is perhaps one of the most physically taxing sports South offers. These devoted student-athletes train at Kettlebell Gym every Friday, an hit the weight room everyday.

They do intense reps of cardio, and participate in sprinting exercises. These players come into the season stronger, faster, and with a better understanding of the game as a whole.

“As lazy as you’re feeling, there is never a moment where you can think to yourself that it’s okay to take a break. You must convince yourself to get up and train every opportunity you get, stated Junior Joey Anderson.
Another comparatively rigorous high school sport is lacrosse. It demands continual focus and a remarkable amount of athletic physicality.

Coach Makalum has put a big emphasis on off season training. He assesses the incoming athletes’ ambitions in try-outs.

His analysis is based on the showing of physical ability either by bench pressing reps of 205 pounds and successfully completing 3.5 miles in only 28 minutes. If an athlete has been training and working hard, he or she will be better prepared for the season.

Many lacrosse athletes participate in an all year-round league, called Top Gun Indoor Lax. Junior Wil Mason contributes much of his playing time during the off-season on to major improvements during the regular, spring season on South’s lacrosse team.

“The hard work and playing time we achieve during the off-season has helped even the most experienced players to improve tremendously and excel at this level, said Mason.

One sport that some may say doesn’t require much physical athleticism is baseball. In fact, those committed high school baseball players who physically train their bodies are among the most driven and hard working athletes out there.

They too, play season-round, on club and town teams. They are constantly at the local batting-cages or in the weight room; getting into shape.

Junior baseball player Sam Forman commented that, “those kids who you know have been working so hard to improve have really made a significant advancement on their overall game. The team as a whole has really prospered from the work kids put out during the off-season.

There is a solid atmosphere at our school that demonstrates sports as an important part of our daily lives.
The athletes who are truly dedicated to their respective sports are those who train hard, not only during their season but also during their off-season.

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