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Mexico reopens schools

By Deanna Badizadegan
Published: May 2009

The H1N1 virus, commonly known as the swine flu, has been a topic of discussion and a subject of worry since its outbreak three weeks ago.

Mexico, the country of origin, has taken the virus extremely seriously. In order to prevent further spread, the government has ordered the closing of many schools and public buildings.   
For two weeks, Mexico became a dead city. Everything from restaurants, to schools, to sports arenas were closed, and all public celebrations for Cinco De Mayo were canceled.

Beginning on April 27, only supermarkets, gas stations, and other essential businesses have been allowed to operate. 

Although the swine flu is far from being eliminated, the Mexican government allowed businesses and schools to reopen on Thursday May 7.  

Mexico is still keeping a close watch on the virus, and had schools scrubbed thoroughly before they could reopen. They have also ordered for any child who exhibits flu-like systems to remain home until the symptoms have passed.

The outbreak has infected over 3,100 people worldwide, with over one- third of the cases from Mexico alone. It is unknown what direction the swine flu will take, but the Mexican government will be watching out for any changes.

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