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Looking for a sweet treat? Freeze dishes out satisfaction

Posted By Julia Sklar On May 13, 2009 @ 12:58 pm In Features | Comments Disabled

Freeze! Everybody clap your hands¦and welcome Freeze, Newton’s newest addition to the extensive array of ice cream shops around town. Strategically located nowhere near the feuding J.P. Licks and Coldstone Creamery, Freeze is tucked away across the parking lot from the Waban T-stop, and behind the Waban Square Starbucks.
You’ll be able to find it instantly’€if not for the word “Freeze plastered across the awning than because of the ridiculously bright color scheme of the store (it’s neon galore).

Freeze opened its doors on Friday, May 1 just in time for the beginning of consistently hot days (as opposed to those random spurts of 50 degree weather that we had back in January), and also in time for the finals-induced ice cream frenzy that tends to ensue here at Newton South this time of year.

For weeks, South students have been abuzz with the news of this new ice cream store, making plans to skip out during their free blocks to go give it a try, or to drive on over as soon as APs were done to celebrate.
I finally got a chance to give it a try myself sometime last week, and let me tell you, it’s worth it.

With ice cream flavors on the menu ranging anywhere from red raspberry to mint chip to ginger they don’t offer nearly as many flavors as, say, Cabot’s, but they definitely run the gamut of usual favorites and some new ones’€and the best part is, they’re all homemade.

Of the flavors I was able to sample (chocolate, red raspberry, mint chip, cookie dough, coffee, Oreo, and maple butter walnut) I would definitely put maple butter walnut near the top of the list, if not first.
It was rich and creamy like all good ice cream should be, but it also had the perfect nut to ice cream ratio. Not so many nuts that every spoonful was a crunchy disaster, but not so few that you felt as if you were playing where’s Waldo with your walnuts.

As for red raspberry, I’m not a big fan of raspberries and even I could’ve eaten a whole bowl of it.
The cookie dough and mint chip, just like the maple butter walnut, were perfect in their amounts of dough and chips, respectively.

Notably, the Oreo was extremely satisfactory, presenting itself with intact Oreo cookie chunks mixed in to the vanilla ice cream as opposed to the grey mush that usually comes of mixing brown cookies with white ice cream.
Obviously chocolate and vanilla were on the menu, but there was nothing too extraordinary or insulting about either of them (although I would have been extremely worried had I walked in to find neither of these flavors present).

The one thing every flavor had in common though was the incredibly strong taste.

The coffee ice cream could wake up even the deepest sleeper in the morning, and the maple butter walnut actually tasted like it had a direct line to a maple tap running through it.

The only way in which Freeze falls short is with its prices. You thought J.P. Licks was expensive? Well, at Freeze a small is $3.45 and you get two scoops about the size of ping-pong balls. This assessment must be taken with a grain of salt, however, because not everyone who has gone there has had this experience, so maybe it was just a bad scooping day.

In addition to their rich and flavorful homemade ice cream, Freeze is also home to frappes (milkshakes by non-New England standards), ice cream sodas, and sundaes.

If ice cream isn’t your preferred choice of cold dessert, Freeze also dishes up frozen yogurts such as chocolate almond or chocolate chip, as well as Italian ices in outrageous “flavors like rainbow, which has a lemony taste.
So, if you’re in the neighborhood and you find yourself in the mood for ice cream, stop by at Freeze in Waban Square to cool yourself down and enjoy the fun atmosphere, the friendly employees, and of course the delicious ice cream’€and if those are not enough incentive, then let it be known that they have free dog treats if you’re walking by with a furry friend.

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