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Keep Wellness to manage stress

By Volume 49 Senior Editors
Published: May 2009

Newton South, recognized for its education, prides itself in the success of its students. With such a passionate focus on education, however, comes a logical amount of stress.

Fortunately, South’s Wellness Department currently offers stress-management courses like Yoga/Pilates and Centered Self. Unfortunately, these classes may be cut next year if not enough students enroll.

Newton South has recently cut its graduation requirement for Wellness from seven to five credits, but will continue to offer students the option of taking additional Wellness courses as electives. Some of these courses, though, may not run due to low enrollment.

Upon hearing about the decrease in requirements, students may feel the need to take full advantage of the new policy. For some, the lowered requirement presents an opportunity to take risks and join new, personally appealing electives.

For others, however, the available blocks are simply a justification for more free blocks.

In a culture where parental, peer, and personal pressure may be overwhelming, it would be a shame to cancel courses like Yoga/Pilates, which were originally created to cope with stress.

If increased stress correlates to more dangerous decision-making, then to cancel stress-management courses is to take a step backwards especially with the number of reported incidences of drunk driving in the past year. Without a structured environment for it, students find other ways to deal with stress, which may threaten their well-being.

Although Yoga/Pilates and Centered Self will still be offered as electives, many students may simply choose to have free blocks.

It is true that there are other methods to handle stress than to enroll in Wellness classes. That being said, canceling these classes will deny students the opportunity to receive professional leadership and guidance on stress-management.

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