Green line collision causes worry

By Volume 49 Senior Editors
Published: May 2009

After nearly a year of the MBTA crash near Woodland Station, two Green Line trains collided between Government Center and Park Street Stations on May 8. As one train stopped at a traffic signal at 7:18 pm, the driver of the second train rear-ended the first, causing both to derail.

The driver of the second train admitted to have been texting his girlfriend prior to the crash and officials believe that this was the cause of the accident.

Over 100 commuters were evacuated from the wreckage by a Fire Department, and 49 were sent to hospitals with non-life threatening injuries. The driver of the second train suffered the most severe injuries but was stabilized and will recover. Most injured commuters were released the day after.

Last year’s crash was suspected to have been caused by cell-phone use by drivers as well, so the MBTA reissued a zero-tolerance policy on the matter. MBTA General Manager Daniel Grabauskus was outraged by the recent incident.

Grabauskus and other MBTA officials are considering to implement a cell-phone ban for all MBTA employees while operating a transportation vehicle. This ban would prohibit an employee from even possessing of a cell phone while driving.

Sophomore Dalia Tomlak noted that she has seen multiple MBTA drivers using cell phones while in transit.
“I ride the T between 10 and 15 times per month, she said. “In light of the two recent accidents, it makes me stop and hesitate a little more.

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