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Don’t Look Back looks forward to CD release and future concerts

Posted By Andrea Braver On May 13, 2009 @ 11:55 am In Arts and Entertainment | Comments Disabled

Don’t Look Back, a band consisting of sophomores Nick Glavin, Julian Green and Jeremy Marshall, has proven to be such a success that the three have chosen to record a CD.

The band is working incredibly hard to make the CD, which is self-titled,Don’t Look Back, and is as professional as possible; therefore, the premier is aimed for the fall of 2009. Don’t Look Back’s next order of business is something truly wonderful.

The band is not just playing music at a benefit concert, as many other South bands have done, but taking the next step, and actually organizing and putting one together.

Glavin has been in contact with the Keep-A-Breast foundation, hoping for a collaboration; they have yet to finalize a date for the concert, but the plans are holding strong.

Planning a benefit concert is an excellent way to utilize the band’s talent while giving back to the community and helping those in need.

The extraordinary aspect of this idea is that Don’t Look Back does not intend to keep any money for themselves; all the proceeds are to go to the Keep-A-Breast foundation. The band plans to hold this concert in June at either the Hyde Center or the YMCA.

What many people do not know about the band Don’t Look Back, referred to by many as DLB, is that their name and band itself have served as a constant motivation for them. Their name originated from the fact that life is tough and mistakes are made. Glavin, Green, and Marshall want to remind everyone, themselves included, not to dwell on the past, but look forward and live in the present

The three boys enjoy what they are doing and are able to work together very well.

“Our chemistry was much better than expected, Glavin said.

Ever since the band’s formation in June of 2008, the three of them have been working hard to write music, practice with each other, and perform for a large number of live audiences.

Although all memebers put a lot of time into what they do, it is not to say that they cannot continue living their lives as regular teenagers.

They have not, for the time being, become famous musicians who are on tour around the clock.
Glavin, Green, and Marshall allocate plenty of time to see their friends, relax, and of course complete hours and hours of school work, both at home and in class.

Glavin, who has been a member of other bands prior to this one, feels that this has by far been the hardest working most successful band he has been in.

The level of commitment that each of the three members of Don’t Look Back makes Glavin extremely proud of his co-band members.

“We all share a very serious interest in continuing this band and taking it the farthest it can go, Glavin said.
Their level of commitment to the band is very high; however, with all of the other activities and priorities in their lives, it is hard for them to solely focus on music.

“We aren’t being serious musicians; we are just three teenagers, Glavin said.

Although Glavin does not describe himself, Green, and Marshall as “serious musicians, he does feel the dedication they have to their band is exceptionally high.

“I speak for the band when I say we are the most devoted band at South, Glavin said.

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