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Athletic Anecdote: Because our shorts have flowers on them

Posted By Jeremy Einhorn On May 13, 2009 @ 9:00 am In Sports | Comments Disabled

Sports, sports SPORTS!!! Sports at Newton South are, as some would say, “MAD ILL-SICK NASTY! As a volleyball player, I can distinguish “ill-sick-nasty from the not so “ill-sick-nasty. Having served two years on the Newton South Volleyball program, I have become accustomed to what goes on.

Volleyball, although seemingly less physically demanding than most other sports, still requires at least some exercise. I must work to increase my vertical-leap all year long. This usually requires consistent weight lifting and a bunch of other really athletic exercises.

Some people have come up with the idea that volleyball is a “girl’s sport. When I am asked this by some ignorant peer, I usually respond simply, “It was originally a boys sport. If that doesn’t satisfy them, I tell them I was with their mother last night.

Besides the physical part of volleyball, there is also the game aspect. Fans and players of the other team can get into your head and make you feel really threatened. To make you feel better about yourself, you can join in their obnoxious yelling and show them that you, too, are just excited as they are.

During the game when I’m up at the net before a serve, there is always the awkward eye contact with an opposing player. To avoid this, I give a nice little smile and wink to make their day a little better. Or at least I think it makes their day a little better.

I have learned that it is important to keep a positive attitude. If you don’t, you’ll mess up a lot and will be basically screwed.

Pump up songs can range from loud crazy hip hop to, for some schools, nice soft dancing music. Music includes Cascada, which gets me SO pumped. Really. It seems to be that the schools with the bad pump up music are the ones who lose every game, which kinda makes sense.

Sometimes its possible for fans to go too far. One time, at an away game, fans from the opposing team yelled out rude comments to one of our players. They were then escorted out of the gym, never to be seen again. Ever.
Kids on the bench can enjoy a scenic view of the court, and sometimes, unlimited watered down Gatorade, exactly what everyone wants.

Unfortunately for us volleyball players, volleyball isn’t a sport known to attract the ladies. Lacrosse and baseball players never hesitate to make jokes about volleyball and its girly-ness.

The good part about this is that we, volleyball players that is, can respond and talk about how our volleyball team actually wins its games. Warning: this only applies at South.

Something that volleyball needs is a crazy fan-base full of, according to the Dual County League’s rules, fans, not fanatics. The problem with fans is that they don’t usually cheer, and the cheering and yelling is left to the players themselves. It’s kinda sad, actually, when you’re the only one cheering for your team.

It would be nice for a little support from the audience while I’m playing, just a tad.

So next time you’ve got nothing to fill your afternoon with, come by to the field house and watch a volleyball match. Maybe even stay for JV, and don’t forget to have fun.

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