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Art Focus: Jon Young

By Michelle Mandeau
Published: May 2009

You may have seen him walking around Newton South with his signature sunglasses and skinny jeans, but Jon Young expresses art in more than just his clothes.

While always wanting to be involved in music, Young didn’t fully start his musical endeavor until his freshman year.
His first legitimate band was called Lucifers Nightmare, which ended not long after it started. Young and some friends had “jammed for years but it wasn’t until in his senior year that a new project began.

Young’s most recent music project, Photo Sale, is an experimental and very original group. “If I were to describe [Photo Sale], it would be like if Explosions in the Sky and the Black Keys had a love child, and that love child was really into Sigur Ros and Radiohead, Young said.

Although the songs on Photo Sale’s Myspace are only of Young’s recordings, friends Motoki Otsuka and Dan Lawrence partake in the live performances. Photo Sale is also serving as Young and Otsuka’s senior W.I.S.E. project
instead of the skiing movie they had originally planned on doing.

Young’s music’s individuality is surely one to admire.

“For me, creating music is something that you can not put a label on because it’s always evolving into something new, Young said. Some favorite artists and main inspirations of his are Radiohead, Kings of Leon, and John Lennon.

Unlike the many other talented students at South who have been involved in theatrical arts since they were young, Young wasn’t as vocal about his love for music as a child. Young had always had a passion for music; he just didn’t realize it until later on in his life. “The transient nature of music is something I’ve always marveled at¦I would always stand under the speakers in the ceilings at McDonalds and listen to the songs through the static noise of the people ordering their Big Macs, Young said.

Young is also involved in Newton South’s gospel choir, Harambee, and is playing the role of George in the South Stage production of Stop Kiss.

Young has been involved in Harambee for two years, whereas Stop Kiss will be his first role in South Stage. “I auditioned for [Stop Kiss] because I made a promise to Anya Whelan-Smith that senior year I would audition. Then my sister wanted me to audition for Stop Kiss, so I did.

Along with music and acting, Young enjoys writing poetry and short stories and sharing the “genius artwork of Erik Peterson.As for the future, Jon plans on attending Northeastern where he will major in music. “I want to write, compose, and produce music. It’s either that or a career in the coalmines, Young said. 

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