May 2009 Issue

Egypt slaughters pigs to prevent spread of H1N1

By Deanna Badizadegan | Published: May 2009
Despite the World Health Organization's (WHO) claims that pigs cannot transmit swine flu to humans, the Egyptian government has issued an order to slaughter the nation's 250,000 pigs.

100 days and still strong

By Alice Lee and Gabriel Schneider | Published: May 2009
Like most presidential campaigns, Barack Obama's run for the presidency sparked a huge surge of interest in the American people. For the most part, the younger generation of America was excited by the prospect of such a charismatic and optimistic new leader.

Day of Silence raises awareness

By Judy Cohens | Published: May 2009
Approximately 110 students took a vow of silence during the sixth annual Day of Silence on April 25. 35 of the 110 students participated as speaking allies, people who showed support by wearing stickers instead of remaining silent for the day.

Freshmen prepare for year-end cruise

By Ariel Rivkin | Published: May 2009
The month of May brings excitement, warm weather, and anticipation for the end of the year Freshman Cruise event on May 15.

South remembers two school figures

By Volume 49 Senior Editors | Published: May 2009
Two former South faculty members past away recently. Thomas DePeter died Wednesday, May 6. For 35 years, he was a distinguished teacher of English and Theatre and coached outstanding North lacrosse teams. DePeter was most recently on the South faculty, teaching English as well as coaching the South lacrosse team.

Green line collision causes worry

By Volume 49 Senior Editors | Published: May 2009
After nearly a year of the MBTA crash near Woodland Station, two Green Line trains collided between Government Center and Park Street Stations on May 8. As one train stopped at a traffic signal at 7:18 pm, the driver of the second train rear-ended the first, causing both to derail.

Mayoral candidates speak to the students of Newton South

By Adam Goldstein | Published: May 2009
With the November mayoral elections quickly approaching, three of the four mayoral candidates participated in a forum at the Seasholes Auditorium on April 29. Setti Warren, Aldermen Paul Coletti, and Ken Parker spoke to the students of South.

Days of Remembrance brings speakers to South students

By Alex Gershanov | Published: May 2009
As Channah Birkovits told her harrowing Holocaust tale, the auditorium fell silent. “There was not one noise, Spanish teacher Viviana Planine said. “The kids were really taken in. In an effort to raise awareness for and honor the victims of genocide, the Newton Human Rights Commission (NHRC), South's chapter of STAND,

Obama’s 100 days in office

By Gabriel Schneider | Published: May 2009
In 1933, when Franklin Delano Roosevelt took office as President of the United States, the country was in utter turmoil; banks failed across the board, unemployment soared and industry as a whole collapsed. Today, although bread lines aren't exactly lining street corners, America is facing a strikingly similar situation to that of the 1930s.

Mexico reopens schools

By Deanna Badizadegan | Published: May 2009
The H1N1 virus, commonly known as the swine flu, has been a topic of discussion and a subject of worry since its outbreak three weeks ago.

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