April 2009 Issue

Half-Way Crooks makes its way through the recession

By Julia Lytle and Noam Eilam | Published: April 2009
Siblings Andrew and Julianne Adams opened hip store Half-Way Crooks, located on Newton Center's Sumner Street, on March 2, 2006. Already spotlighted in publications such as Boston Magazine, The Improper Bostonian, and even Best of Boston TV on Channel Five, the store sells high-end street wear: sneakers, hoodies, jeans, t-shirts, hats, polos, and rugby shirts.

Rugby Team blindsides gender stereotypes

By Helen Holmes and Aley Lewis | Published: April 2009
Teaming up with Needham High School, Newton South is in the process of recruiting players to welcome a new spring sport to its ranks: Girls' Rugby.

Free Press Club opens the minds of South students

By Tessa Ruben and Drew Pinta | Published: April 2009
Here at South, posters lining every hallway advertise bake sales to raise money for aid in Darfur or to invite students to anti-war protests, and each month classes flock to the lecture hall to learn about the child sex trade or presidential candidates. While we consider all of these to be worthy causes, we at the Free Press Club believe that ours is the most important (not really¦but sorta). Here's why: the response to every issue, whether it is the new ice cream in the cafeteria vending machines or the threat of global warming, is directly influenced by its coverage in the media. One example of this on a large scale is the parallel many draw between the media coverage of the Vietnam War and the public's response to it. When the big TV stations began to show gory battle scenes and devastation in Vietnam, the nation saw a far-away fight up close for the first time. The generation that watched those clips and saw those pictures is known for its voiced opposition of the war. The media, many say, changed America's mind. If that's true, then what roles has the media played in the public's response to current wars? How has it influenced our ideas about other issues?

Annual Tertulia is a smash hit all day

By Alex Gershanov | Published: April 2009
Hordes of students formed blockades in the halls as they made their way to the auditorium to claim seats for Tertulia on Thursday, April 9.

Newtones set the tone for Acafest

By Leigh Alon | Published: April 2009
For the fifth year in a row, Acafest has been a huge success, leaving many a cappella fans humming Michael Jackson's “Billie Jean for possibly the rest of their lives.

Nilhav adds a twist to Prozdor

By Shayna Sage and Michelle Mandeau | Published: April 2009
When you hear your friends talking about Prozdor, we bet the words dancing, leaping, and twirling do not come to mind. Learning, interesting, and enriching typically come up instead.

PRO: Opposing Viewpoints – The grass is always greener

By Alex Gershanov | Published: April 2009
I've lived in a lot of different places as the years have gone by. Moscow, Boxborough, Shrewsbury, Grafton, Worcester, Newton; you name it, I've been there. Having moved around so much, I've seen a lot of different neighborhoods, communities, and most importantly, a lot of different schools.

Fast & Furious takes off

By Artie Augustyn | Published: April 2009
Writing a review for a car-junkie action flick like Fast & Furious almost seems pointless: if the next 750 words were to describe a film that would burn out your eyes, deafen your ears, and condemn all of your family and relatives to eternal damnation in hell you'd probably still check it out. However, fear not! Your family is safe, and your body parts will be fine.
I hate when people call bands, “sellouts. First of all, most people who use the word don't even know what it means.

Jazzing it up at the Attic

By Jessica Duff | Published: April 2009
On Sunday March 29, the first Newton South Jazz festival was held at the restaurant Union Street at the Attic in a tradition that jazz teachers Richard Labedz and Lisa Linde hope to continue in the future. The performances consisted of Newton South's four jazz groups and a guest group from Berklee College of Music.

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