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Half-Way Crooks makes its way through the recession

Posted By Julia Lytle On April 15, 2009 @ 4:28 am In Features | Comments Disabled

Siblings Andrew and Julianne Adams opened hip store Half-Way Crooks, located on Newton Center’s Sumner Street, on March 2, 2006. Already spotlighted in publications such as Boston Magazine, The Improper Bostonian, and even Best of Boston TV on Channel Five, the store sells high-end street wear: sneakers, hoodies, jeans, t-shirts, hats, polos, and rugby shirts.

The name of the store, Half-Way Crooks, is based off of the theme of Mobb Deep’s album The Infamous, which claims that each person fits into one of four stereotypes: “gangster, thug, cool and urban, or decisively cool.

The store sells clothing that combines both urban and high-class style.

Today, due to the hardships of the economy, people around the country are spending less money, hurting numerous businesses and even forcing some to go out of business.

Stores such as Linens n’ Things and KB Toys are two of the many businesses that faced troubles due to the recession and had to go out of business. While chains like these are forced out of business, their employees lose their jobs.

The unemployment rate today is the highest it has been since the Great Depression, and people fear that it will increase before it improves, giving them a reason to spend less and save more.

Half-Way Crooks has lucked out during the recession, with only a slight decrease in sales, thanks to customers from Newton and surrounding towns who are still willing to spend money on high-fashion clothing and accessories.

Sales have gone down a small amount, but the company is coping. “We’re doing alright. co-owner Andrew Adams said.

Hats have always been the least popular item. Similarly, shoes, which are presented in a great variety of colors and styles, are still the most popular item in the store, as was the case before the economic crisis began. Clothing sales remain steady as the months pass.

Various companies and stores in the United States have been losing sales and struggling to stay open due to the country’s current economic situation.

Whether it is shoes at a shoe store or cars at a car dealership, every corporation has been lacking in their respective department.

Half-Way Crooks is no exception, but co-owners Julianne and Andrew have maintained sales with a steady group of returning clientele, teenagers who desire the unique designs and styles that make Half-Way Crooks unique.

Although sales have in fact gone down, Half-Way Crooks is one of the fortunate stores that remain open.
The Adams siblings always stay positive and maintain their store’s momentum by attracting the right costumers and selling the right apparel.

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