Black belt principal imbues martial arts

By Jesse Zhang
Published: April 2009

Principal Brian Salzer taught a judo martial arts lesson to the Feminist Club on the evening of April 7 with the assistance of sophomore Jonathan Lau and math teacher Steven Lauria.

Salzer, a black belt, has a strong judo history and was a very strong competitor, participating in about 20 to 25 state and national tournaments a year.

“The club wanted me to come and teach them some basic ways of thinking about self defense, Salzer said.
The class took place from 7 to 8:15 pm and during this time the club members had a chance to learn and practice judo techniques. Approximately 12 students attended the class.

“The kids really had fun, Salzer said. “When I teach judo, I want kids to love it. I don’t want them to be bored or afraid of it. There were a lot of smiles, so I think it was successful.

Only recently learning the art of up judo, Lau was invited by Salzer to teach the class and enjoyed the experience greatly.

He especially enjoyed working with people around his age since he usually learns judo with students much older than him at the Newton Judo Club.

“[It was nice] knowing that you’re helping someone out in case something bad happens, Lau said.

“I was 20 or 21 when I was at the peak of my judo career, Salzer said.

He also had the opportunity to train at an Olympic training center in Colorado.

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