April 2009 Issue

From jump-shots to jump-serves

By Sammie Levin and Zack Miller | Published: April 2009
Head volleyball coach Todd Elwell tries to reach out for other players to build a broader diversity for the team, and this year, he succeeded in recruiting four new players. Interestingly enough, all four of these players were members of the Boys' Varsity Basketball team.

Vandalism damages morale of South student body

By Sidrah Baloch | Published: April 2009
Within the last few months, incidents of vandalism around Newton South have gained school-wide attention, prompting concern and frustration from both students and faculty.

View from the Top: Kevin Boecke and George Kaplan

By Kevin Boecke and George Kaplan | Published: April 2009
Salutations, Newton South. It is I, Kevin Boecke (or the unnamed lion mascot). My first order of business is to address all underclassmen who have already recognized my mascot duty and feel the need to bombard me with juvenile greetings every chance they get.

Mali inspires new poetic perspective

By Jesse Zhang | Published: April 2009
Just testing out the new theme. Don't get too shocked. Renowned slam poet and spoken word performing artist Taylor Mali will visit several English classes and hold poetry workshops today at South. Mali performed in the Seasholes Auditorium, worked with an advanced acting class, and held a teacher workshop during his visit yesterday.

Athletic Anecdote: In the end, it was all worth it

By Ben Seifer | Published: April 2009
Guts and Glory. Sports are a funny thing. American culture is consumed by them. Much of the student body participates in athletics, but why? Why do hundreds of students stay long after school hours to lift weights, endure practice, or take a nice long bus ride to a poorly attended game in Western Massachusetts?

Math Team solves equation to success

By Morgan Seiler | Published: April 2009
The Math Team came in sixth place at the State Tournament in Shrewsbury on April 6, qualifying for the New England Regional Mathematics League finals on May 1 at Canton High School. This is the first time in seven years that the Math Team has qualified to compete in States.

Black belt principal imbues martial arts

By Jesse Zhang | Published: April 2009
Principal Brian Salzer taught a judo martial arts lesson to the Feminist Club on the evening of April 7 with the assistance of sophomore Jonathan Lau and math teacher Steven Lauria.

Faculty Focus: Alyssa Cifuni

By Marissa Leavitt | Published: April 2009
Many wonder how chemistry teacher Alyssa Cifuni does it all. Not only is she a mother of three boys under the age of five (she is expecting to have her fourth baby in May), but she also finds the time to teach three junior chemistry classes, one freshman physics class, and run a business with her husband.
March 20 was a normal school day for all but 20 South students. These students were part of High School Connections, a new exchange program with the Urban Science Academy (USA), a small, science and technology-focused subset of West Roxbury Educational Complex. In addition to South's visit to USA, 20 USA students visited South on March 23.

Sports Spotlight: Lauren Hollender and Jillian Schwartz

By Daniel Kats and Jason Yoffe | Published: April 2009
Senior tennis captains Lauren Hollender and Jillian Schwartz have what it takes to dominate on the court, and they hope their success will rub off on their teammates.

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