Math Team to States

By Rebecca Penzias
Published: March 2009

After a year of relatively successful meets, the South Math team will participate in the state championships on April 3 for the first time in seven years.

The team has worked hard all year by meeting regularly to improve their mathematics skills. In addition to the incredibly talented students on the team this year, the captains, seniors Kenny Lu, David Weng, and Jie-Yoon Yang, have worked hard training the team.

They have effectively organized runoffs, tests that determine the members of the team participating in the main competition. “Our organization this year has been better, Weng said. “We’re putting more effort into practices.

Sophomore Jolie Yu attributes the team’s success to their excellent captains. Yu believes that the captains’ passionate involvement brought the team to states this year. “They are very serious about practices and runoffs, she said. “They care about Math team so much. Math team advisor, Steven Rattendi, agreed and said, “They’re more committed this year.

Sophomore Tomer Reiter agrees that this year’s excellent leadership has given them the edge they need to succeed in the state championships and even make it to the New England competition. “[The captains] kept us on track, gave sufficient practice, and made good team selections every meet, Reiter said.

While the members of the team are confident in their abilities, they are aware of the challenge that awaits them at states. “We could potentially place in the top three, Weng said. “But it could range anywhere from three to six. Reiter believes that Lexington, Canton, Belmont, Acton-Boxborough, Weston, and Concord Carlisle are the top contenders of the 15 teams participating in the competition.

The main differences between the state championship and a regular meet include the difficulty of math problems, the length of the meet, and the number of schools in attendance.

Reiter believes that this years team is “dominated by rookies with exceptional talent, which added to its success. Both Yu and Reiter hope that the team will succeed in the state championship and perhaps move on to the New England competition.

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