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It’s a wrap for school lunches

Posted By Jake Palmer On March 25, 2009 @ 12:50 am In Centerfold | No Comments

Lunchtime. Students line up for wraps, the specials are going fast, but the cluster of vegetarians around the salad bar do not look happy. There are a number of students at South who are concerned that there is a lack of adequate vegetarian options provided for them.

Junior Rebecca Robinson, who has been a vegetarian for a year, says that the only substantial option in the Newton South cafeteria is the salad bar. Robinson believes that there should be “more options without meat, because the current selection does not allow for a wholesome daily diet.

According to Robinson, the vegetarian options need to be improved and diversified. She believes that hot lunches without meat would benefit the selection. Robinson also thinks that the vegetarian options available should be more clearly labeled so that they can be more easily distinguished from meat options.

Junior Conrad Beckman agrees, “Vegetarians can’t eat salad every day, the sandwiches aren’t enough, and the wraps are not vegetarian friendly because they use the same gloves to prepare wraps with meat.

“You can’t have everyone eating the same food every day just because they happen to be vegetarian, Beckman said. According to Beckman, many students feel that vegetarianism is a lifestyle that’s, “silly and a waste of time and energy.

If more students became vegetarians, however, the issue of school lunches would become more prominent. Some students become vegetarians because they are committed to reducing their carbon footprints that increase with the raising of cattle. Also, more pressure would be put on the school to improve on the current vegetarian options.

Some school employees disagree with the claim that there are not enough veggie choices. “We have plenty of options, South food service worker Linda Cloonan said. She readily listed the school’s available vegetarian choices when asked: a salad bar, the new bagel lunch, vegetarian wraps, veggie pasta, and veggie burgers that must be pre-ordered by students in order to be prepared.

Cloonan said that because the vegetarian wraps and pastas are not big sellers they are not prepared unless students request them. Cloonan feels that the school does a satisfactory job of accommodating vegetarians. She adds that she is always willing to adopt suggestions proposed by students concerning food options for lunch.

“[But] hot lunches are purely meat based, junior Dan Okren, a non-vegetarian, said. He believes that there is a definite lack of options for vegetarians and that many other students recognize this. Those students, however, are not interested enough in the cause to affect change, but vegetarians should not be ignored merely because of their small demographic.

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