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Britney’s circus dazzled the crowd

By Julia Lytle and Claire Pezza
Published: March 2009

Britney Spears’s Circus Tour hit Boston on March 16 and confirmed one thing for her 17,804 fans: Britney is definitely back.
Spears kicked off her comeback tour on March 3 in New Orleans, her first time back on the road since her 2004 Onyx Hotel Tour.

Ever since then, she’s been through everything from a messy marriage (and an even messier custody battle after splitting with Kevin Federline) to a mental breakdown when she shaved off all her hair.

Spears continued to party with infamous stars like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton, becoming dangerously involved in the Hollywood drug and alcohol scene.

After her chaotic lifestyle brought her to the edge, Spears took a step out of the limelight to recuperate and work on her latest album, Circus. Released December 1, 2008, Spears climbed the charts with singles like “Circus, “Womanizer, and “If U Seek Amy. The album title inspired the theme for Spears’ 2009 tour.

The Circus tour proved to be a success even before it hit the road’€shows sold out quickly as faithful fans jumped at the opportunity to purchase tickets. Thousands poured into the stadium as soon as the doors opened, waiting restlessly for the much-anticipated performance to begin.
The Pussy Cat Dolls opened the show, and their energetic performance revved up the crowd’s energy. The Pussy Cat Dolls weren’t just an opening act, but a bonus performance itself. The band played old favorites like “Don’t Cha and new songs including “I Hate this Part and “Jai Ho, a song featured in the film Slumdog Millionaire.

In between the two acts, the circus-themed show began with various performers exhibiting uni-cycling and balancing acts. Then, calmness settled over the fans as they waited for an entrance by Spears that was sure to thrill.

The crowd erupted as Spears and a posse of dancers dropped from the ceiling to the stage. Spears jumped right into “Circus. As expected, the fans provided much of the live vocals, while Spears perfected her lip-syncing skills.

The excitement and intricate dance routines (with frequent costume changes) made the performance a success. Fans screamed along to all Spears’s hits, which included songs from her new album as well as older numbers like “Hit Me Baby One More Time, “Me Against the Music, and “Toxic.

The Circus Tour will continue through the spring and will end in Connecticut on May 2.
Fans are still going to great lengths to buy tickets to the sold-out shows.

Spears’s tour is putting her name on magazine pages in a context she and her fans can be proud of: she has redeemed her title as the “Queen of Pop ¦again.

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