March 2009 Issue

Go down the rabbit hole with Alice in Cabaret

By Sandy Shen and Bianca Ho | Published: March 2009
Cast members of South Stage's Cabaret graced the stage of the lab theater March 19-21 with their unique self-written production, by seniors Alex Caron and Valerie Coimbra. Intended as a spin-off of Alice in Wonderland, the show included characters that belted out every kind of song from excerpts of musicals such as Nunsense to Destiny's Child's “Say My Name. Two days before opening night, the tickets had already been sold out, and people were waiting in quiet anticipation for the promising production.

Newton South students STAND up against genocide

By Erika Rabb | Published: March 2009
STAND, an acronym for Students Taking Action Now: Darfur, is a nation-wide anti-genocide coalition that was created by college and high school students. Now, however, the name has been changed to Students Take Action Against Genocide, enabling the coalition to fight all genocide, not just in Darfur.

Save a cow, eat a vegetarian!

By Gabriel Schneider | Published: March 2009
Vegetarianism is not simply a diet; it's a conscious life choice, but those who do decide to become vegetarian certainly have to consider maintaining a balanced diet. While there is still debate as to whether being vegetarian is healthier than not being vegetarian, the fact of the matter is if you are going to choose a certain diet, you have to do it right.

Faculty Focus: David Weintraub

By Stepan Houtchens | Published: March 2009
David Weintraub, a graduate of Wesleyan University and King's College, London, is a dedicated English teacher in his fourth year of work at Newton South.

South Anti-War explores speech rights

By Alex Gershanov | Published: March 2009
The South Anti-War club (SAW) met with Principal Brian Salzer to assert their right for freedom of speech after the removal of their fliers on March 4, which advertised a trip to the Pentagon to protest U.S. aid to Israel and the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. The club discovered that their fliers had been taken down by the end of that day by students who were given permission to do so by a housemaster.

South seniors begin to widen the gap

By Julia Lytle | Published: March 2009
In the past few years a new trend has grown among high school students all over the United States: the gap year. Many graduating seniors have begun to slow down their education by taking a year off before entering college. Gap years, many students believe, give kids the chance to explore the world and decide what it is they want to pursue once they finish college. The gap year has been popular in Europe for a long time, and has recently gained popularity in the United States. At Swarthmore College, the number of students deferring their education in order to take a gap year doubled for the freshman class 2008.

Girls’ success overshadows overtime loss

By Sammie Levin | Published: March 2009
On February 26th, the Lions beat Dartmouth High School, 74-56, in the program's first tournament victory in over four years. The girls then advanced to the quarterfinals, where they defeated Marshfield High School, 68-49.

It’s a wrap for school lunches

By Jake Palmer | Published: March 2009
Lunchtime. Students line up for wraps, the specials are going fast, but the cluster of vegetarians around the salad bar do not look happy. There are a number of students at South who are concerned that there is a lack of adequate vegetarian options provided for them.

Extended Advisory addresses tolerance

By David Han and Jesse Zhang | Published: March 2009
South's Committee on Programming (COP) encouraged the support of yesterday's extended Advisory to address issues of homophobia in light of recent incidents.

Meat-free diet for environmental responsibility

By Jaime Rinaldi | Published: March 2009
It's no secret that global warming and climate change pose one of the gravest existing threats to our future as a species. Most of us realize that we need to change our habits to lessen our impact on the environment. In most cases, we do what we can; turn off the lights when we exit a room, bike instead of drive, carry our plastic containers home instead of throwing them in the school trash bins. However, the larger solutions are a bit more obscure. Most of us would gladly drive a hybrid vehicle, but few of us have the money to buy a brand new car. Installing solar panels for your house is attractive, but simply too cost prohibitive. Many of us would be up for the Herculean task of embracing alternative energy sources and ending our dependency on foreign oil, a goal clearly outlined by the new administration, but the question remains, where do we even start?

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