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Volume 48: The Greatest Thing that Ever Lived

By Jason Agress, Dan Friedman, Jason Kuo and Shakti Nochur
Published: February 2009

As our advisor constantly reminds us, once you become a Deneber, you have essentially made a life long commitment to the newspaper. And while this sentiment may be true, the reality is that this is the last issue that will have our four names in large, bold print in the top left corner of page A2. This was the last time we had to agonize over an idea for Fold and the last time we were forced to grapple with a sensitive article or idea.

So while Denebola has, numerous times, caused each of us a combination of frustration, misery, and pain, we canít imagine what our high school careers would have been- and will bewithout it. Winston Churchill once said that “success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts. 

Over the course of our last eight issues, we have experienced ups and downs that would boggle a pogo stick champion’s mind (blame Dan for the poor analogies), but I think that all four of us can safely give Denebola credit for teaching us how to deal with our biggest accomplishments, as well as some downright failures.

One good legacy Volume 47 left us with was the hugely useful position of Senior Administrative Assistant. Dan will pay someone $10 if they can explain what that means.

Jagress spent the majority of his time telling people he was sorry and saying “no, no at times that generally made no sense. He made up for it, though, by single-handedly managing business each month. Oh, and he’s the only kid at South who can claim to be an expert at bulk mailing.

Shakti spent the majority of her time with no shoes on (much to Mr. White’s dismay) and taking the brunt of countless Indian jokes. For the record, she would like to inform the ignorant Denebola staff that India is not an inferno year round and “Because you’re Indian is an explanation that only functions within the walls of 9202.

Our staff members helped us through the good and the bad. Julia Lytle threw a legendary party that even Mr. White couldn’t help but make fun of her for. Her fellow Features editor, Claire, alternated between obsessing over a pink plastic pig and hiding Dan’s belongings. At one point, she even convinced Dan to call Antoine and accuse him of stealing his keys.

The Tye family used to nearly single-handedly sponsor the paper, but they took a hit when the Schwartz family made a bid on the other back page. Andrew, however, more than made up for it with his colorful language (Denebola is not a locker room!), unparalleled laying abilities, and good looks.

It’s possible that Global, a questionable section at the best of times, could not have been less productive. Between Christine dedicating her time to posting photos on her wall of beautiful men and Amrita attempting to straighten her hair, only to disconnect the Edits computer and two hours worth of work (none of us have heard Ben growl louder than when that happened), it’s a wonder they managed to finish their strenuous page and a half section each month. We would also like to shout out to DGabes who miraculously graduated high school after his junior year and brought piece to the Middle East.

Arts staff became so close that we, at times, had difficulty distinguishing between them (thereís definitely a Julia, Emily, Erica, and Diana, but which is which?). Nicole Repina somehow drew every graphic for the newspaper while simultaneously juggling about ten AP classes.

Becca wins National Speech Tournaments in her free time, and brings a mastery of Photoshop to the table that might even rival JKuo’s. And Nate and Dan discovered much of Newton while driving around, attempting to take pictures for that whole override deal. Where was the other news editor, you might ask? He was color-coding the recycling (at least it wasn’t shoes this year, Dhan!).

We learned the hard way that the Denebola room has far too many malfunctioning computers, and we were all surprised to learn that Mr. White is now a German Ambassador. The staff as a whole became experts in ordering hundreds of medium caramel iced coffees with cream and sugar (thank you Dan), and, over the course of the volume, we have ordered enough scallion pancakes to clog all the arteries of a small country.

So as we pass on the torch to a group of young (yes, we aged a lot over these past months), fresh juniors, we can’t help but admit that we will miss this. We will miss stern talks from our Advisor and days when we don’t get home until 11p.m.  And even though we pretend like we don’t care, there will doubtlessly be a gaping hole in all our lives where Denebola once was.

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