Online course catalog allays budget crisis

By Jesse Zhang
Published: February 2009

Starting this year, students will no longer receive a traditional, printed course catalog booklet, but instead access the listings with an online course catalog system.

“The online course catalog is a cost saving measure in a budget crisis and a step toward a greener initiative, assistant principal Mary Scott said.  “Students are used to doing things online.

The online course catalog will save over $2000 that can be used for other school needs.

Scott’s only concern is that some students, who may be more accustomed to the old method of course selection, “will find [the new system] difficult.

Incoming freshmen and guidance counselors will still receive traditional hard copy course catalogs. Elective brochures, which will be a couple pages in length, will be given to everyone.

Although the online course listings may save money and be more environmentally friendly, some students still prefer a book to a website.

“I like having something tangible that I can look through, sophomore Jackie Horowitz said. “Technology surrounds us. I feel [a book version] is more personal.

“You can take the book around and discuss [courses] with your classmates, junior Vladi Dimitrov said. “I like having it. It’s more convenient.

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