Mock Trial foresees the win

By Alex Gershanov
Published: February 2009

Kicking off a new season, Newton South’s returning 2008 State Champion Mock Trial team expects to sweep up another major win this year, team coaches Elliott Loew and Brian Hammel refusing to settle for anying less.

This year’s case concerns Sazer Larson, a fictitious ex-marine, who shot an old high school rival at a party. Larson claimed that he was suffering from PTSD after his tour in Iraq and was having a hallucination of an Iraqi ambush at the time of the murder. The team received the case in early November and began rehearsing immediately. They have participated in three pre-season scrimmages and won their first competition against Belmont High on January 29 and a second against Newton North High on February 5.

Consisting of roughly 40 members, the Mock Trial team includes many returning veterans from last year’s successful team. Coach Elliot Loew, who has over 30 years of experience as a lawyer, had coached Mock Trial at Newton North for 15 years before coming to South in 2005. Since then, he has donated much of his experience to producing a nationally ranked team.

“I feel we should win [the State Championship] every year. We have an extremely talented group of students that works hard and is committed to doing this well, Loew said.

The entire Mock Trial team is committed to improving their presentation and contributing to the team’s efforts to regain their title. Though only a limited number of members receives a role in the trial, every member shows up to meetings and scrimmages. The participants all enjoy the process of putting together a good case and feel that they gain a lot from it. Junior Allen Li said he joined because he was “interested in law, and just wanted to try it out. Since then, Li has considered taking up a future profession in law.

Sophomore Alex Soltoff joined Mock Trial because Ben Soltoff, his older brother, had participated in it as well. Senior Adam Goldsmith said he joined because “[he] liked to argue a lot. It seemed like a good fit.

The team has high expectations for their performance this year.

“We’re for the season. We’ve put a lot of time into it, senior Jay Clifford said.

Aside from the returning veterans, the team this year consists also of many new participants.

“Although we have a lot of inexperienced players, we really want to win states, Li said.

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