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Making a “family newspaper”

Posted By Jason Agress On February 11, 2009 @ 12:41 am In Editorials and Opinions | Comments Disabled

Almost a month ago, the world witnessed a tradition that dates back to the origin of American democracy. Like his predecessors, President George W. Bush participated in a peaceful transition process, passing on the reign of the United States to Barack Obama.

In the midst of this heavily tradition-based transition, however, it was clear that, in the spirit of Obama’s campaign, the time had also come for change. It was time to combine tradition and progressivism in order to support the new administration.

In an oddly similar parallel, Denebola is also entering a period of transition and – like the presidency – will take on a new team of leaders. Though the outgoing editors are not necessarily Republicans, nor are we from Texas (nor did we claim to find weapons of mass destruction), there are still striking similarities between the (mostly) peaceful transition of Denebola volumes and that of the White House.

What makes each volume of Denebola so special – like each presidential administration – is the way it builds on existing practices and traditions, improving an organization that is now approaching its 50th anniversary.

Since the school’s founding, Denebola has served as a reliable and entertaining center of information about the school, city, and community-at-large. From first-rate articles, to book reviews, to (outstanding) sports and drama photographs, this official publication is certainly not a kiddie newspaper (nor a Mickey Mouse operation).

But as well as maintaining the level of quality that Denebola strives for, a new volume’s editors must make the paper their own by developing unique characteristics in style and content. Volume 48 certainly put this intangible advice into practice in a number of ways.

Like how Obama appointed his own cabinet, Volume 48′s senior editors appointed their own staff, organizing this distinctive journey. Beyond that, though, Volume 48 created its own community – fostering its own set of values and beliefs – and, in doing so, set the stage for an even more unique opportunity for its members, as well as an outstanding product.

As you read this, our next transition is happening. After publishing 260 pages and approximately 780,000 words, Volume 48′s senior editors are throwing in their towels and – for the most part – retiring from the high school press.

This time next month, you will be reading another issue of Denebola – the main difference being the leadership behind its production. Volume 49 will carry on the traditions of Denebola while, at the same time, creating its own unique parts of both the process and product.

Some things, of course, will never change – and that is part of what’s so great about it. Twenty years from now Denebola might still not be a work of art, but it will certainly give Newton South’s students the opportunity to be part of an inclusive and rewarding community, fulfilling the true meaning of being a “family newspaper.”

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