Junior dreams come true

By Adrian Montagut
Published: February 2009

Serving as both a fundraiser for the Junior Semi-Formal and a substitute for last year’s cancelled Sophomore Sleepover, the “Night of a Thousand Dreams Come True junior class event will be hosted on March 6 in both the halls and auditorium.

Approximately eight different junior bands including Last Train Out and Pajammin’ will perform at the event.

“[Junior Night] is a good idea, junior and Pajammin’ member Nick Sobel said. “The junior class officers are getting more proactive about creating events.

Candy Corn, Newtones, the Newton South Hip Hop and Varsity Dance Team, and a hypnotist will perform as well.

In hopes of attracting mores students to the event, Nintendo Wii and Dance Dance Revolution games will be set up in the halls on a large screen for students to play.

“Sounds like fun, junior Molly McSherry said. “The Wii will get people to come. When it’s just a dance, people will not really know what to do.

McSherry, who could not attend the Masquerade Ball in November, hopes the event will be a success.

Junior class officer Liza Barnes hopes that the event will raise money for Semi.

“In order to plan the best Semi, we need an extraordinary amount of support from our class so that we can fulfill our financial needs, Barnes said.

The class officers decided to host a Junior Night after many students expressed interest in having a junior feast and band concert on a December survey.

Although Salzer did not organize the event, he supports and approves it.

“We knew that people were really bummed about the sleepover being canceled¦We know it’s not as good¦but it’s just a little thing we can do for people and it’s going to be awesome, junior class president David Krieger said.

Fliers have been posted around the school to advertise the event and tickets will cost $10.

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