February 2009 Issue

Rounding up for HIV/AIDS awareness

By David Han | Published: February 2009
In the last meeting before its first fundraising event, South's chapter of the Global Citizen Corps gathered, checking to make sure that each member knew his or her role, when it learned that its leader was out sick with a fever.

Junior dreams come true

By Adrian Montagut | Published: February 2009
Serving as both a fundraiser for the Junior Semi-Formal and a substitute for last year's cancelled Sophomore Sleepover, the “Night of a Thousand Dreams Come True junior class event will be hosted on March 6 in both the halls and auditorium.

Gaza kindles rallies on opposing sides

By Chris Erspamer | Published: February 2009
Boston's pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian communities mobilized during the 22 days of heavy fighting in Gaza from December 27 to January 18.

Sophomores: No more lecture halls

By Roxanne Glazier | Published: February 2009
Responding to complaints among sophomores, the South Senate passed a new policy on February 5 that will release sophomores from lecture hall studies during their second semester. The policy went into immediate effect after Principal Brian Salzer approved it later that day.

Mock Trial foresees the win

By Alex Gershanov | Published: February 2009
Kicking off a new season, Newton South's returning 2008 State Champion Mock Trial team expects to sweep up another major win this year, team coaches Elliott Loew and Brian Hammel refusing to settle for anying less.

South responds to Obama

By Jeremiah Davis and Jesse Zhang | Published: February 2009
Much like the rest of the country, students and teachers at South are expressing awe, excitement, and both the optimism and the disappointment of high expectations following the inauguration of President Barack Obama.

Senate offers views for $1.2 million lost in food services

By Morgan Seiler | Published: February 2009
The School Committee's Food Service Review subcommittee met with members of the South Senate on February 5 to discuss issues surrounding cafeteria services at South. The meeting addressed a range of issues, from food options to cafeteria efficiency and pricing.

Online course catalog allays budget crisis

By Jesse Zhang | Published: February 2009
Starting this year, students will no longer receive a traditional, printed course catalog booklet, but instead access the listings with an online course catalog system.

Newton seeks new South principal

By David Han | Published: February 2009
In light of Principal Brian Salzer's resignation, the Newton Public Schools has begun its search for a new principal.

Making a “family newspaper”

By Jason Agress | Published: February 2009
Almost a month ago, the world witnessed a tradition that dates back to the origin of American democracy. Like his predecessors, President George W. Bush participated in a peaceful transition process, passing on the reign of the United States to Barack Obama.

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