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Students should stand up for sobriety

By Julia Lytle | Published: December 2008
After events this fall, administrators at Newton South are taking the initiative in raising awareness about drinking and drugs, as well as the serious consequences that can follow. Rather than trying to emphasize the penalties involved when a student is caught using or in possession, administrators are trying to stress the fact that lives are lost every day as a result of the use of drugs and alcohol.
The school cafeteria: dramatized in every Hollywood teen movie by blonde, busty, cheerleaders, big football players, little nerds and non-conforming Goths'€equally hated and loved, the melting pot of high school.
Sam Doner, the new girls' basketball coach, joined South's athletic department this year. Doner has an inspiring past as well as a unique coaching style. “Doner has been very successful in guiding, building and leading teams, South athletic director Scott Perrin said.

Dance team takes stage in the Garden

By Alex Gershanov | Published: December 2008
As the fans took their seats, the girls took the stage. “I was excited but a little nervous. It was going by so fast that it seemed like a blur, sophomore Anna Lanoue of the Newton South Dance Team said.

Salzer earns approval

By Volume 48 Senior Editors | Published: December 2008
Two weeks ago, Principal Brian Salzer emailed the South community announcing that he has applied for superintendent and assistant superintendent positions in other school districts. In response to this announcement, many have expressed a variety of thoughts and feelings regarding Salzer's potential departure at the end of this school year.

Making South a better place to learn

By Jesse Zhang | Published: December 2008
In an attempt to enhance the quality of South's community, South teachers, administrators, and members of the Newton South School Council have developed the School Improvement Plan, a three-year initiative to “develop a healthy and effective school community and increase unity among students, faculty, and parents.

Former rivals put heads together on foreign policy

By Rebecca Goldstein | Published: December 2008
During the primary campaign, the foreign policy differences between Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama seemed like a classic conflict between hawk and dove.

Word from the Wise: Alex Schneider

By Alex Schneider | Published: December 2008
When my favorite Denebers asked me to write this column, the first thing I did (besides responding, “no and pretending that I had been run over by a garbage truck) was visit the archives on Denebola's website and pull up an article that, I would argue, is one of the better opinion pieces published on these pages.

Athletic Anecdote: Long live sports movies

By Andrew Klegman | Published: December 2008
I was sleeping one night a few years ago when Babe Ruth entered my room through my closet. After sharing many words of encouragement and taking my Hank Aaron baseball card, he abruptly turned to go, leaving me dumbfounded with many unanswered questions. Yet before he vanished into my closet, he turned to me and said, “Remember kid, there's heroes and there's legends. Heroes get remembered but legends never die, follow your heart kid, and you'll never go wrong. The next morning, I woke up and pickled the beast, and from that moment on, I became a legend.

Four walls to hold me

By Joe Marini | Published: December 2008
Lecture hall– ha, more like a torture chamber. I have yet to meet anyone who enjoys going to that place. The lecture hall system is fatally flawed; the fact of the matter is, kids hate going.

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