That’s a wrap for charity

By Gabriel Schneider
Published: December 2008


Among many fufilling aspects assosiated with the holiday season, is the opportunity for people to help out in their communities. Despite the excitement created by Santa’s presents, the season heightens the awareness people have towards the less fortunate. Support for gift drives, food drives, and volunteer work all increase during Christmas-time because of that innate sense of goodwill that the holiday brings.

Unfortunately, the holiday season this year will not be as merry. Due to poor economic conditions, there is a greater need for charitable donations. Layoffs, bankruptcies, foreclosures, and bad investments are hitting home. Many people who never thought twice about giving a food donation are now struggling to support their families.

Currently, these drives are the only real hope that charitable organizations around the country have to support the many people in need during the holidays. However, the hard times are also bringing the lowest donations to food banks in 30 years. So although there is more need than usual, there is simply less to go around.

At South, there are many initiatives to raise funds and collect donations to help those in need. This year, a food drive is being held to send food to the Food Bank of Greater Boston. Boxes have been placed in the house offices to collect cans and other imperishable food items that provide nutritious foods for the holidays.

South also hosts an annual gift drive. Presents are collected during homeroom to send to children around the area who are in need of presents for the holidays. Despite the economic decline, the holiday season still evokes a heartwarming sense of giving and love in a time when we need it most.

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