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Teabarn II: New locale, same great music

Posted By Denebola On December 17, 2008 @ 12:00 am In Arts and Entertainment | Comments Disabled

By Tanya Lyon

On Friday, December 12, senior Nick Mead-Fox held the second Newton South Music Festival, Teabarn II in his garage. Teabarn, originally started by sisters, senior Kayla and sophomore Hannah Nussbaum, and seniors James Cobb and Max Alper, was created to celebrate music, art and culture in the South community.    

Teabarn is more than a gathering of music-loving teenagers in skinny jeans. What happened on December 12 was just as melodious as last month’s Teabarn. Loosely scheduled, the night mostly focused on smiles, finger drumming, and really fantastic music. Even the 31 degree weather did not deter audience members from supporting their classmates.  Listeners were gripping mugs, nodding heads, chewing something sugary, and most of all enjoying the music of their peers.

The first two performers were senior Max Weigert and junior Zack Hausle, who sang and strummed good-natured tunes. With Hausle’s endearingly rugged sound, including a Ben Kweller cover, and Weigert’s gentler, acoustic songs, like self-written “The Journey, the performance was far from ordinary.

Honeybear sophomores Gabe Goodman, Molly Silverman and Pat Walsh, followed with a nicely adapted “Volcano by Damien Rice. Walsh’s consistent upright bass eased melancholy notes while Silverman’s voice was both subtle and stunning.

The Four-Fifths of Kitchens stepped up next.  Headed by junior Will Radin, the group performed with no microphones, no amps, and no drummer. The ethereal voices of sophomores Nussbaum and Silverman echoed throughout the garage while knee-bouncing sophomore bassist/vocalist Zach Levine-Caleb and the very talented guitarist sophomore Gabe Goodman played along.

“I want to be Kitchens, commented senior Sarah Coolidge, summing up their fantastic performance.

His Brother the Math Magician was a collaboration between seniors James Cobb and Floryn Honnet. The duo simply rhymed words with “dumb, and yet had the audience smiling in astonishment. This style is easy to listen to and often taken too much for granted.

Seniors Ruthie Bolotin and Madeline Sharton, of The Spirited Duo Stalking Bigfoot, sang a lovely set of “slick rhymes and smooth beats. As if the fact that a good majority of their songs was written when they were 12 years old is not impressive enough, the performance itself was brilliant.  “The Life of an Undertaker in particular was nutty, smartly ominous and featured a seemingly professional delayed echo effect with the word “dead.

The Max Alper Family Band fronted by senior Max Alper and accompanied by sophomore Pat Walsh was next. Much of the music, improvised and random, stopped the world, as it generally does when their noises hit the human population. To put it simply: they know what music is.

Seniors Alex Caron and David Broyles made up the Onesie Brothers and were decked out in footsie pajamas. Caron and Broyles, previously the Davix Croyles Explosion, harmonized creating a sighing, beautiful sound. With Broyles on keyboards, and Caron on violin, The Onesie Brothers provided a great performance.

Even with all the senior performances, younger students were able to prove their music abilities. When Glowing, fronted by sophomore Dan Lawrence, with sophomores Walsh and Levine-Caleb, struck their first note, the entire sophomore class stood up and danced out their support.

Not only did Teabarn II provide melodious music and outlandish performances, the event brought a community of music lovers together for another special night. On that Friday night the only thing that mattered was the music.

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